Here’s Why Petrol Engines Are Better Than Diesel

The question of which engine type is better is almost as old as the combustion engine itself. Very often, it boils down to individual preferences and needs. That been said, cars that run on petrol have unique advantages that diesel engine cars just can’t match. We’ll discuss six of those advantages, and see why you should consider buying a petrol-powered car.

Fuel management

It’s true that diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than petrol engines. However, you have to remember that diesel is more expensive than petrol. Even though your car might consume less diesel, you’ll end up spending the money you saved paying more dollars per liter. This makes petrol the smarter option, especially if you’re only taking short-distance trips. With a lot of mileage, diesel eventually becomes an economical choice. But then, if your trip simply involves getting between home and work, petrol is your best bet.

Environmental impact

You may have heard that diesel engines produce less CO2 than petrol engines. Because they consume less fuel, they don’t have as much gas emissions. However, it’s important to note that the gases emitted by diesel engines also have their contributions to global warming. Nitrous oxide is emitted by diesel engines, and it has been linked to some respiratory diseases. While petrol engines may emit more gases, they aren’t as dangerous as diesel engines.

Maintenance costs

Anyone who’s ever owned a car with a diesel engine knows that they are more challenging to maintain than cars with petrol engines. Diesel engines have higher manufacturing standards because of the high compression of gases that happens during fuel combustion. As a result, they cost more to manufacture and maintain. 

Petrol engines, on the other hand, are quite easy to maintain. If you service them as regularly as recommended by the manufacturer, you can use them for a very long time. Additionally, when you do run into trouble, their cost-effective engines ensure you don’t break the bank trying to fix them. When you visit links like, you can easily find affordable parts for your car.

Purchase costs

We already discussed how diesel engines have to be manufactured with higher standards. This translates to higher manufacturing costs, and thus, higher purchase costs. If you’re looking to buy a diesel car, you may have to pay more for relatively the same model as a car with a petrol engine.


Diesel cars are built to provide a lot of power while driving. This is why diesel engine cars can tow other vehicles comfortably. The downside of this is that they are loud. Diesel engines combust fuel more vigorously than petrol, and so, owners will need to get used to the noise that accompanies the car’s functions. If you prefer a smooth and quiet driving experience, you’re going to be better off behind the wheel of a car with a petrol engine. 


Very often, people have their sights set on the kind of car they want to buy before they ever get the money to buy it. The problem is that not all cars are manufactured with diesel engines. If you’re bent on a particular model, you might end up disappointed if you only want a diesel engine. Petrol, on the other hand, is available in almost every model. If you include all the other advantages listed here, you can see why choosing a car with a petrol engine may be a better option for you.

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