Hexagon Offers Yet Another Pristine Porsche 911

Hexagon, if you’ve not heard of it, is a premium car dealership in London that is able to offer some pretty sweet cars. One of the latest examples is a Porsche 911 Sport Classic, which wait for it, has covered just 80 miles. Yes, that’s right, 80 miles. It’s practically new!

One of the best looking Porsches?

Now I’ll be honest, from a design point of view I can take or leave Porsches, however this one looks rather splendid. Presented in Classic Sport Grey contrasted wonderfully with black Fuchs-alloys. Speaking of the alloys, these are a nod towards the the 911s of the 70s and this is because this model, the Sport Classic is a limited edition. So limited, that only 250 were made

Other notable features include the iconic ducktail rear spoiler, a front lip spoiler and of course, a flat six engine at the rear. More specifically it’s 3.8 litre flat six which has no turbo, but is able to churn out 402bhp. Four-wheel drive is deployed to help keep the power under control and just in case it all gets a bit too much, there are carbon brakes to help you stop quicker. Just as well when you bear in mind this will get to 62mph in 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed 188mph.

It’s not stripped out like other Porsche models; step inside the Sport Classic features a Nappa leather steering wheel and for music lovers there is a BOSE sound system, although I’m sure drivers will enjoy the sound of the sports exhaust more! Oh, the price? Hexagon has not stated the price, but it’s probably more than you and I can afford!

Hexagon Classics Chairman Paul Michaels said: “The 911 Sport Classic was such a hit with Porsche collectors that the 250-car limited run sold out even before the company officially announced it. It’s not hard to see why – it harks back to legendary 911s like the 2.7 RS but mixes those classic cues with some well-chosen modifications to make it a proper enthusiast’s machine.

“Finding one with 8,000 miles on the clock would be hard enough, let alone 800 miles – but with a barely believable 80-miles, this is the best 911 Sport Classic on the market anywhere in the world. It looks like it has just rolled off the line in Stuttgart, with not a mark on its paintwork or leather trim. We’re privileged to have it in stock and there’s no doubt it’s the ideal addition to any Porsche collection.”

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