Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck – Steals The Show

Honda has revealed a Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck, however, the concept car, unfortunately, is not being considered for production

The Pickup concept was revealed almost a year after the standard Type R went into production. The concept car has swapped out its rear seat for a truck bed but, most importantly for a lot of Honda fans, it has kept its rear wing.

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0026

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck

The Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck car was built in Swindon at their UK Manufacturing site, they labelled the concept “Project P.” The car was modelled completely from the standard road car and therefore this has to be one of the fastest pickup trucks in the UK with a top speed of over 165mph. The 0-62mph time of the car is under six seconds, and it features the same driving modes that the normal Type R comes with; comfort, sport and +R.

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0003

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck + Rear Wing

A rear wing on a pickup truck would normally render the truck useless but, with a clever piece of engineering, it moves out of the way so that you can get direct and unfettered access to the truck bed. The team overcame the challenge, as the truck would have needed not only to look good, but also be functional as a pickup truck. You can’t make a concept car that doesn’t work.

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0011

Based on The Production Honda Civic Type R

The other features of the car remain the same, from the B pillars forward it is the same as the production Type R. The concept features the same powertrain, suspension and gearbox that will all function well and provide a comfortable, but also sporty, ride. However, with the same suspension and gearbox, it makes you question whether it would hold up under a heavy load. But does it really matter anyway?

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0018

Honda Say

Phil Webb, head of car at Honda UK, said that, “This Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept by the special team at our Swindon-based plant demonstrates the passion and commitment of the team there… There are no plans to put this into production, but we will be using it to transport our lawn and garden products, as and when required!” This means that the concept has certainly not been designed to carry heavy loads, and instead is being kept by the team, to not only show their creative capacity and technical skill, but also as a bit of fun for them to drive around in.

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0024

Alyn James, project lead, said, “we are considering taking it to the Nurburgring to see if we can take the record for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck!” This shows Honda’s enthusiasm for the project and also putting the statistics into perspective, considering they want to challenge for the record. It is certainly an achievement by Honda and one that stands out among the car community.

“Project P” is certainly a concept car that we can get behind and it is truly a shame that this is not going into production, however, it is a novelty and this certainly wouldn’t have much demand, so it is understandable why.

Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck FK8 0001

If you want a desktop wallpaper of the FK8 Honda Civic Type R take a look here.

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