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Honda Ridgeline Review – The Safest Truck On The Road?

Vehicle safety is one of the most important things to consider when investing in a new car or truck, as it should be. Large vehicles in particular cause concern when driving on the road, and with a truck capable of causing a lot of damage in an accident – you should make sure you pick the safest model out there. Last year the Ford Aluminium F-150 was named the safest pickup on the road – could it be the one for you?

Why the 2017 Honda Ridgeline’s safety rating matters

Pickup trucks are becoming more popular, making up 15% of all auto sales last year. They’re stylish and versatile, but often lack the safety features that other vehicles on the road will have. Trucks can fail to score in typical IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) crash tests and this year; the Honda Ridgeline emerged as the only truck to be awarded the highest safety rating.

Last year, the Ford Aluminium F-150 was designated the safest truck and the 2017 model also scored well in various safety tests. With sales of pickups increasing, the newest models are going to need to adopt the latest safety features to remain popular on the market. While truck accident lawyers are always available should you get into an accident with your pickup, investing in a vehicle with the best safety features could minimize your chances of an accident. More people are considering safety over style, but the Honda Ridgeline offers both.

Overview of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Dubbed the un-pickup, the Honda Ridgeline isn’t the most suitable vehicle for those needing to carry out tow jobs or even off-road navigation. Instead, the Ridgeline offers itself as a more comfortable vehicle that is rustproof and has great fuel economy to make it a great car for everyday use as well as some light truck activity. It comes in a number of sleek finishes that will make it a fine choice for fashion conscious drivers, with various customizable features. It comes at an affordable price too, coming in below $30,000 which makes it a great choice to consider for your next vehicle.


The Honda Ridgeline packs a 3.5-liter V6 engine, performing at 20mpg. Available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive options and benefit from Honda’s new ‘all-weather’ technology designed for use in all kinds of situations. For a truck, it’s a quiet vehicle to drive and some question whether it can be classed as a truck at all. The lack of noise is no bad thing however when it comes to driving around your neighborhood.

Something else you’ll notice about the Honda Ridgeline is that it’s easy to get into. With the Ridgeline, it’s possible to just to slide in, rather than seek the step up you’d usually need with a pickup. You’ll benefit from the added leg and headroom, while the backseat allows for its own climate control for a comfortable ride for all passengers. The storage is impressive, despite first appearances, as the Ridgeline also includes a hidden compartment underneath the back seats, making it ideal for those needing a truck for more practical purposes.

Where safety is concerned, the Ridgeline uses driver-assist tech that includes lane departure signaling, blind spot warnings, and a useful rearview camera. Its LED headlights have also proved popular with safety reviewers and put it above other pickups on the market.

Why the 2017 Honda Ridgeline’s safety rating matters

In addition to the different features of the Honda Ridgeline, there are some optional extras you can invest in to give the interior a little something extra. Heated seats and steering wheel, light-up cup holders and a sound system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer plenty to delight inside. You can also benefit from the pickup’s external speakers, although it can be difficult to imagine situations where you might need them besides camping. If the extras offered by the Honda Ridgeline don’t quite appeal, you can always pimp your pickup truck in other ways later down the line. Remember that these sorts of extras will also add to the cost of the vehicle – so if you’re more concerned with the in-car gadgets and accessories, perhaps you should consider a different type of vehicle.  

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Overall thoughts

The Honda Ridgeline is a great looking pickup that has mass appeal, although it may lack some of the qualities those with more practical uses for a truck would prefer. It’s the perfect introduction for those looking to try a pickup for the first time, while the main features make it ideal for everyday driving. The pickup packs plenty of style and a decent amount of substance, and it’s difficult to argue with its safety record. If you’re looking for a reliable and safe pickup truck, then the 2017 Honda Ridgeline could just be the vehicle for you.

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