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Hot Rod or Classic Ride?

Should I get a classic car or a modern model? 

An Argument for Classic Cars

Classic model cars are classics for a reason. Find the right one and you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars for parts and profit to the right collector. But these kinds of cars are few and far between, and not the kind we’re discussing here. Rolling down the street there are hundreds of classic model cars that are perfectly reasonable for the road and the budget.

Driving down the road in a classic car will certainly get you noticed, in good ways. The classic cars are far more stylish and make a bigger statement than a small and sleek car would.

Nothing can compare to the feel of barreling down an empty road in your own classic vehicle. You’ll finally understand why people tap the hood of an old car and wistfully utter the phrase, “Just don’t make them like they used to.” Old cars are simpler, sleeker, and won’t distract you with dozens of different features not related to driving. They’re free of the sci-fi level technology which forces you to be a better driver, and gives you a pure and unadulterated driving experience.

An Argument for New Cars

Classic cars may be classic, but new is improved for a reason. New technology pushes innovation forward with a new car, and some of the “distracting” features include things like heated seats, which you’ll definitely appreciate when its winter and you’re cold. And most new cars come with anti-lock brakes standard, which you’ll appreciate when you stop when you’re supposed to and not go skidding off the road.

Newer cars are also likely to be driven less, whether its new because you got it straight off the lot, or it’s new to you, if it’s newer, it’ll probably have less miles on it. The fewer miles, the less likely it is you’re going to run into problems so quickly.

Getting from point A to point B in your newer car is going to be a smoother, safer ride, as safety technology is improving on a regular basis. Newer cars are also equipped with better shocks than the older models, so longer trips will be easier on your butt—and your little ones, as the chances of getting car sick in a car that’s bumping up and down unevenly are greatly reduced.

Also, we’ll just throw out there the idea of fuel efficacy. Compare a 1970 station wagon to a 2010 SUV and you’ll see the proof in the pudding on that yourself.

The Jury

It’s out. While there are a lot of technical pros in favor of the modern styles, the classics are built to last and not to be overlooked. And as leading car expert from says:

The right car is out there for you. Whether it’s a classic model or a modern marvel is really up to what fits right for you. Don’t get hung up on your pre-conceived notions of what is going to work for you. 

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