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How Do I Pick an Energy Efficient Electric Motor?

We use electric motors for a staggering number of different purposes, from kitchen appliances to cars to huge fans in Boeing wind tunnels. However, just like any other device we make, the electric motor can break down and when that happens, you have two options – replace or repair.

If you decide to repair your electric motor, you will need the services of experts like because electricity can be dangerous when handled by non-professionals and it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, if you feel like it is time to exchange your electric motor for a new version, you should consider buying an energy efficient motor.

Is an Energy Efficient Electric Motor?

Simply put, energy efficiency is the ratio between the output of mechanical energy which an electric motor gives and the input of electrical energy. It is typically expressed as a percentage. Electric motors significantly improve the ratio and the percentage of usefulness when compared to the regular electric motors.

This improvement is achieved through the use of better materials, better design, or simply better craftsmanship. As a secondary benefit of this, energy efficient motors tend to last longer than regular electric motors, too.

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Why Should I Buy One?

The USA consumes a lot of electricity per year, almost 4 million Gigawatt/hours to be exact, surpassed only by China’s 6.3 million GW/h. More than half of the electricity consumed in the USA is used to power electric motors. If we can improve the efficiency of electric motors, we can reduce the amount of energy we need and thus help save the environment.

If you are not particularly interested in saving the environment, you may be more inclined to save yourself some money. A typical electric motor spends several times its original price in electricity each year.

How Do I Compare Two Motors?

All electric motors need to have all the necessary information displayed on them. However, when you are comparing the two, make sure that you are using the same statistics. That is, that you are comparing the same parameters.

Perhaps the most useful of these is the nominal efficiency. This is the number which was reached after testing the motor in controlled conditions which means that all motors were tested under the same condition.

However, if you want to be safe, you can also compare the minimum guaranteed efficiency, meaning the efficiency that you can expect at any point, regardless of the conditions. There are some other numbers on the motor’s plate, but those are less reliable.

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What Factors Do I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Motor?

If you are convinced that you should get a new motor, it is now time to take a closer look at some factors which you need to consider before the purchase.

The most important factor is the size or the power output of the motor. Ideally, you want your motor to run at the capacity between 65 and 100%. This is the optimal range for best electricity consumption and longevity. If your motor is too big, and runs at lower capacity it won’t be energy efficient. On the other hand, if you have a motor which cannot achieve the capacity you require of it, it will experience wear and tear much sooner and you will have to repair and service it much more often.

Operation speed is the second important factor you need to consider when purchasing a new electric motor. Some pieces of equipment can be particularly sensitive to the change in the rotation speed, which is why you need to make sure that the motor you are replacing has the same, or at least very similar, RPMs as the new one.

Buying a new, energy efficient motor may be an investment, but one which will pay off in the long run.

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