How Intelligent Cars Could Change the World of Driving

Road rage, car chases, freeways, shopping malls, drive-throughs, road trips. Cars have already drastically changed the world around us. They have given many modern people immense personal freedom, with an exchange of some heavy costs. Most notably, road accidents, congestion, and pollution. The idea that these costs could be eradicated is not a bad deal at all. The though of zero congestion, zero emissions, and zero crashes sounds like a dream. Believe it or not, this dream could soon become a reality. The introduction of autonomous cars means that we could get the wonderful advantages that cars bring to the table, without any drawbacks. You could even engage in a hobby such as playing games on your phone. Imagine being able to hit the slots or challenge a friend to a game of poker on your commute. You can find and play some of the latest online casino games here.

A Decrease in the Number of Road-Related Deaths

The most incredible change aside from the positive effect that the lack of emissions would have on the environment would be the decline in road-related deaths. In modern times you’re more likely to pass on from a transport-related accident than sickness or any other type of accident. On an international scale, around 1.25 million people die in road accidents every year and it is the leading cause of death among those aged 15-29. The amount of people that get away with injuries is anywhere between 20 million and 50 million people per year.

Unfortunately, most of these car-related deaths occur in developing countries, where autonomous vehicles (AV) are still a way away from becoming a reality. According to analyses, with every year that the arrival of AVs is advanced, the deaths of 1.25 million people are prevented. 

While the safety of modern-day vehicles has come a long way with additions such as seat belts and airbags, these still don’t hold a candle to what AVs would do for the world. In American alone, the amount of road deaths has seen a spike since 2014, due to the introduction of smartphones. AVs would let drivers drink, eat, text, facetime, and more without risking the lives of anyone. 

They Will Give the Ozone Layer a Much-Needed Break

AVs are basically moving clumps of software. Each of these vehicles will be optimised to ensure that fuel consumption will be as efficient as possible. This means that there will be a heavy decrease in carbon emissions, and this is good news for the environment and issues like climate change. These newer models are estimated to cut down emissions by 60%. 

Besides the advantages for the air we breathe and our resources. The good news for any road-ragers out there is that by calculating the fastest routes and adaptive cruise control, there will be less congestion on the streets. The speed with which these vehicles operate will be more efficient than a human-operated vehicle means an overall smoother ride. 

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