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How Much Are The Tolls From Washington, DC To New York City?

There are a variety of options for getting from Washington, DC, to New York City. The amount of tolls you would have to pay on a specific road is determined by the type of vehicle you drive, the time of day you travel (peak or off-peak hours), and the method of payment (tag, cash, video/ play-by-email; the vehicle owner will get the toll ticket through the mail).

The i-80 toll app and calculator calculates and displays the toll prices for both the fastest and cheapest routes. It shows the quickest route, which requires the minimum time in contrast to the most inexpensive way, requires the least amount of money in total (tolls plus gas).

Note: Please keep in mind that the shortest and most affordable route may vary depending on traffic situations and the time of day you travel.

How To Calculate The Tolls Prices Needed To Travel Between Two Cities In The US?

The i-80 toll app and calculator allow you to calculate routes, tolls, and fuel prices for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, electric vehicle, recreational vehicle (with or without a trailer) between any cities in any state the United States. It also displays the cheapest, fastest, and other ideal routes to your destination, as well as the location of toll plazas along the way, payment options, and additional relevant information.

Can Google Map Calculate The Toll?

The Google Map aims to indicate the easiest route showing all the alerts, traffic conditions, restrooms, food huts, and partial toll road. However, Google Maps does reveal the presence of the toll, but it does not show them. Nonetheless, other apps will help you find out the tolls that will notify you of all of them from your destination, starting from the origin.

How Much Are The Tolls From Washington DC To NYC?

While travelling from DC to New York, keep an amount around $37 approximately that you would be charged for tolls. Frequent travelers use an E-Pass to get through the toll plaza quickly.

What Is An E-Z Pass?

It is the electronic way of paying for the toll. Try to invest in the E-Pass box and account as they sometimes offer inexpensive charges while paying directly to the toll. Thus, there is not any special requirement for signing up for that. All you have to do is making sure your car is registered in New York City.

For the E-Z pass, there are a variety of plans from which you can choose according to your need by finding the right cost-effective plan for yourself.

Remember: The toll price varies from vehicle to vehicle as it is not specified or fixed.

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How To Avoid Tolls From DC To NYC?

With the rising prices of gas, travelling has become expensive. There are some ways you can cut the expense out from their trip, so they find alternatives to avoid tolls from DC to NYC. Paying the tolls through cash could sometimes be more expensive than the E-Z Pass devices; though you will save a couple of bucks, it is costly itself.

The cost of the trip, however, would vary, depending upon the prices of the gasoline. Here is an alternative route that will save your time as well as your money.

Is It Possible For Getting Into New York City Without Paying For Tolls?

As Manhattan is an island, there is no way to avoid the toll fee totally as you have to pay for at least one toll. Whereas, on the drive, either on the bridge’s exit or at the beginning of the bridge or the tunnels.

Avoiding tolls from DC to NYC – (The Lower Manhattan)

  • To minimize the cost to Big Apple, use this alternative route.
  • While travelling from DC, travel from the North through I-95 towards Baltimore.
  • Before you reach Baltimore, get a Baltimore beltway; the interstate 695-W toward Maryland (Towson), bypassing the Fort McHenry.
  • Take the 83 North Interstate (I-695) from Baltimore Beltway to the Harrisburg and York, Pennsylvania.
  • Continue travelling on I-83 Pennsylvania till you will reach York, Pennsylvania.
  • Take the exit at 21-A from York, Pennsylvania, for US 30 towards Lancaster.
  • Take US 222 North in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the Reading.
  • Now, continue to ride on Reading, Pennsylvania, on the same route US 222 to Allentown.
  • From Allentown, take interstate East 78 right towards New Jersey.
  • Continue to ride on the same route, East 78 interstate to Newark.
  • Interstate 78 (New York City) will take you to Lower Manhattan via Holland Tunnel.

In Case You Want To Reach Midtown Manhattan By Avoiding Toll From DC To NYC

By following the route as mentioned above, you will reach Lower Manhattan but, to reach Midtown Manhattan, you have to take a different route from I-78. Follow the sign to the Lincoln Tunnel from the Newark Liberty International Airport, take I-95, the New Jersey Turnpike.

Note: This route does sound tiring, but while on the I-95 North, travelling from Washington DC to NYC, you will get numerous rest areas in your way include food varieties and, most importantly, the gas. However, while on route I-78, there is only one resting area without food and bathroom facilities.

In The End

Before planning the road trip for this weekend to another state, making a mini-budget for the commute cost, including gas and the toll, is essential. From travelling to Washington DC to New York City, you have to cross the tolls so, and it is better to have some loose cash in your pocket in case you do not have access to the E-Pass. Else, to save some bucks, you can go for the alternatives, like taking a different route. But, there is no such route from which you will get along without any of the tolls. You have to pay for at least one of them, whether beginning or exit from the tunnel or the bridge.

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