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How Much Do Damaged Windshields Cost to Repair and Replace

This is written courtesy of Diana Steele, owner of Van Isle Glass in beautiful Victoria, BC.

If you see that your windshield was damaged by a crack, chip, or scratch, you might wonder how much it is going to cost to you to repair or replace it. Any repair service will try and repair a windshield first, unless the damage compromises the safety of the windshield in some way. Here’s a quick guide to knowing how much you can expect to pay.

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Cost to Repair a Damaged Windshield

Smaller amounts of damage can likely be repaired rather than requiring a full windshield replacement. Most windshield repairs are performed using a primer that is poured over the damaged area to fill in the area — even microscopic cracks and chips. A suction device then pulls out any dust, dirt or debris that can compromise the repairs. Lastly, an applicator is used to pump special resin into the damaged area, which is hardened and smoothed out so you can’t even tell there was any damage.

The whole process is very simple and can be done in a matter of minutes, depending on the specific repair shop or service that you use. Repairs are therefore relatively inexpensive, with some variation depending on the size and type of damage. If you just have a small chip, you can get it repaired by Halfords for as little as £25. Larger cracks, multiple chips, or more extensive scratches may cost more — sometimes more than £100.

There is a limit on how damaged your windshield can be before it legally must be replaced instead of repaired. Windshields are divided into four zones; each zone has different limits for how extensive damage can be before it must be replaced by law. The limits are set according to how vital the area of the windshield is for overall safety, driver visibility, and maintaining the integrity of the windshield. If you need to replace your windshield, the cost will be different.

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Cost to Replace a Windshield Completely

If you have to replace your windshield entirely, it is understandably more expensive. How expensive the replacement will be depends on a number of factors, starting with the brand of the windshield you use as a replacement.

In general, getting OEM manufacturer windshields is the most expensive option since these are made specifically for your vehicle’s make and model. Aftermarket windshields are often made by the same people who make OEM windshields so they fit just as well, but are less expensive. Third-party brands are the cheapest but also the lowest quality.

The other major variable for windshield replacement costs is the shop or service you hire to do it. Some will do it for a pittance — not even £50 including the cost of the adhesive used to seal it to your vehicle’s frame. Others will quote you over £500, so you can see it can have a lot of variance from shop to shop.

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Does My Insurance Cover Windshield Repairs or Replacements?

Whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, you might have an insurance policy that covers windshields. Most insurance policies do include coverage for windshields and the other glass windows, or give you the option for it.

With coverage, you typically only have to pay the excess for repairs or replacements. However, depending on your coverage or the company, they sometimes will not charge you the excess for basic repairs. For replacements you likely will always need to pay the excess.

Another way that your insurance coverage (or lack thereof) can affect the costs for a replacement is in how much you are quoted by the shop. Many shops will offer a discount of some kind for people who have no coverage, while others — who find out before giving you a quote that you have coverage — may charge you a lot more to get more money from your insurance.

About the Author:

Diana Steele is the owner of Van Isle Glass, a Victoria glass shop celebrating 20 years in the glass business this year! With her combined background in teaching, sales & marketing she fully understands the significance of exceptional customer service & quality workmanship. While Diana is focused on her business, she is also a proud community-minded, supporter. She attributes her success to her passion for being part of local business, her love of working with people and to her exceptionally talented and hardworking team!

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