How Much To Replace A Door On A Car

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car: Costs And Solutions

Your car door can sustain damage through several acts of nature and human cause. Also, several components go into replacing car doors, affecting the cost. If you are faced with such a situation, you will ask how much to replace a door on a car.

According to some reports, replacing your car door can cost about $200 to $2,500, which is very expensive; this is why you must choose the right car insurance so that the cost won’t be as pricey as it seems. Purchasing the car door shell can cost from $200 to $1500, and you will have to pay for labor and interior door parts which cost about $500 to $2,500.

Labor cost is one factor that makes replacing a car door very expensive, before considering the level of damage. Labor costs will automatically increase if there are any sort of electrical or connection damages with the door parts.

Door Ding Repair

Door dings, dents, and scratches are annoying. If a careless driver dings your vehicle, the best thing is to get in touch with a professional to repair it. Repairing your car’s door ding can cost you a few hundred dollars to $1500, depending on the car door. If you need to remove the door ding, you should spend around $350.

If you want to fix your door ding with a paint chip, you can spend around $60 to $110 for a small bump, while a large bump will cost you about $130. Also, you can repair paint chips outdoors for as low as $50 and as high as $300; the price depends on the amount of paint you need.

Another factor that affects the cost of fixing a door ding is the size of the dent and what it will cost to remove a dent. More minor dents can range from $75 to $125, while you may spend about $150 to $450 for larger dents.

Door Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a car door varies based on factors, irrespective of which car you use. You can spend as little as a few hundred or thousands of dollars on car door replacement. The cost most of the time comes down to material components like the window, internal mechanism, panels, and of course, the auto service you hired.

Factors Affecting Door Replacement Cost

Factors that affect the cost of car door replacement include:

  1. The Kind Of Door You Want: Whether you decide to buy a new door from the factory or you want a used door from an old car will affect the cost.
  2. The Level Of Damage: Some damages require that you replace the entire door, including the shell and other interior parts. Some damages may be minor, and some may not even require replacement.
  3. Paint: during the car replacement process, you will have to repaint the door even if you got it from the factory. However, the paint color may not complement the vehicle’s existing color.
  4. Cost Of Labor: The person you hire may spend up to 6 hours doing the job, and you will have to pay for their service.
  5. Car Make And Model: It will cost you more money to replace the door of a full-size SUV (like a 2012 Ford Expedition) than an average sedan. If you have a modern car, your door does more than just lock your vehicle. Some modern car doors have essential electronic parts and connections that must be checked and reconnected. A driver-side door, car door locks, and car handles are more expensive to replace.
  6. Glass Replacement: Car door replacement also involves replacing the windows too. If your vehicle has tinted windows, then the cost of replacement will be higher.
  7. The Expert You Hire: Where you replaced the door also determines the cost. A dealership will give your car a new door, which means more money. A body shop can help you get used doors that are quality too but at a lower price.

Considering those factors, replacing your car door can cost about $200 to $2500.

Front Door Replacement Cost

Replacing a car’s front door can be more expensive than the other doors because some front doors always have extensive interior electronic parts that you may need to replace. Most front doors include power windows, power locks, and so on. Also, replacing a driver’s side door can be more expensive than other doors.

Front Door And Frame Replacement Cost

Replacing your car’s front door will cost more than replacing other doors on your vehicle. Using a modern car will have several exterior electronic parts that you need to change as you replace the car doors; this means extra work, labor, and cost. Replacing a car door frame can cost about $170 or more, depending on whether or not you got a new door.

Dent On Car Door

Getting a dent on a car that you just purchased is one of the most annoying things ever. As annoying as it is, it’s an occurrence you may not be able to avoid no matter how careful you are; a car can hit your vehicle, and you can’t always avoid falling pine coins. However, removing a dent from the vehicle is extremely expensive, and many people won’t even consider removing it.

Still, there are simple ways to get rid of them without losing much sleep. With some home objects such as plunger, vacuum cleaner, or aluminum foil, you can get rid of dents in your car. Not all the methods will work for you, but you can choose the best one on the list.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car, Dent Repair #1: Hair Dryer

Check the dent and measure it, then find a glove coated with rubber, aluminum foil, a bowl of dry ice, a can full of compressed air, and a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer to heat the dent, but keep it about 6 inches from your car’s surface. Use a piece of aluminum foil to cover the dent and put on the gloves for complete protection of your hand.

Lastly, use the dry ice to rub the aluminum foil you used to cover the dent and use the compressed air to cool the area covered with a dent. The temperature change will force the dent to pop out in the first or second minute.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car, Dent Repair #2: Plunger

If the dent is not too big, you can quickly get rid of it with a plunger. How do you go about that? Pour some water over the plunger and the dent and start pushing the plunger upward and downward. Repeat this process several times, and the dent will pop out.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car, Dent Repair #3: Use A Boiling Water

You can fix a dent on a car by using boiled water; this method works best on plastic bumpers and other car body parts made of plastic. All you have to do is boil a pot of water, pour it on the dented area, check the bumper and get the dent out. If you can’t reach the dent, you can remove the bumper to make it easy to access the dent. Pour cold water on the bumper to fix the plastic surface.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car, Dent Repair #4: Vacuum Cleaner And A Bucket

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the bucket, and cover the dent with the upper part of the bucket. Put the vacuum cleaner tube at the top of the hole in the bottom of the bucket and switch the vacuum cleaner on until the dent pops out.

If any DIY methods do not work for you, contact a professional to help you get rid of the dent. In this case, you will have to spend some cash.

Dent Car Door Repair Cost

Fixing a significant dent in your car can cost about $200 to $400. If the dent is small and does not require you to paint the door, it will cost you around $450 to $800. If the dent is in the rear, which means it’s affecting the trunk, it will cost you about $500 to $800.

However, If the dent is enormous and affects areas such as the guard, bumpers, and hood, you should spend around $900 to $1700 to repair it. If the dent results from a hailstorm, the repair should only require paintless dent removal. However, the cost will depend on whether the car got damaged by the odd hailstone or a complete barrage.

For instance, a small hail dent can cost about $80 to $200; if the damage is large and affects many panels, it will cost around $15000, and you won’t be able to use your car for a few weeks.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car

Different Types Of Car Doors

The automotive industry has come up with different types of car doors because, most of the time, the door can be the center of attention. Below is a detailed explanation of the types of car doors.

1. Scissor Doors

The scissor doors are one of the most extraordinary car door designs in entrance and exit mechanisms. You can find doors like this on luxury brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, etc. Scissor doors have several names, which include beetle-wing doors, turtle doors, wing doors, switchable doors, Lambo doors, and Lamborghini doors.

Scissor doors are car doors that open up vertically instead of the outward opening common with regular cars. The door always opens like a pair of scissors blades because the manufacturers fixed the door on a frontal hinge. This door first came into existence in 1968 on the Alfa Romeo Carabo.

This kind of door is helpful when you are in a tight parking area, so instead of opening the door in an outward position which may take more space, the door goes up.

2. Gull-Wing Doors

Gull-wing doors are also called up-door or falcon-wing doors. It is a kind of door that hangs at the top instead of beside the car. The doors will open upward, giving a portrayal of a seagull wing. When the doors open, they will stay at the top while spreading like wings.

Frenchs call these the “portes papillon,” which means butterfly doors, and the first of its kind came into existence in 1939 by Jean Bugatti. The Mercedes-Benz 300SL race car of 1952 also featured the gull-wing door. The main advantage of the gull-wing door is that both road and sports cars can use it; some aircraft have also featured this kind of door—for instance, the four-seater Socata TB series of France.

3. Butterfly Doors

People confuse the butterfly doors and the scissor doors; meanwhile, they are different, especially in their opening mechanisms. Scissor doors open straight up through hinge point while bitterly doors open up and out through hinges close to the A-pillar. Considering how they open, butterfly doors give the user more space to exit the vehicle than scissor doors.

You should know that butterfly doors open wider and give more exit space than the scissor doors. However, the butterfly door takes extra parking space and high ceilings. Car brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, and so on have featured the butterfly doors.

4. Suicide Doors

The suicide doors are also called coach doors; they are called suicide doors because they hinge at the back instead of the front. You will rarely find this kind of door in modern cars, and this is because people don’t think they are as safe as the front-hinged doors. Suicide doors were common in the 20th century, and hardly will you find them on any recent vehicle.

People call it suicide doors because the design can injure the users and expose them to more dangers that can lead to death. This kind of door was popular among drug lords and thugs around the 1930s, and people stopped using this kind of door after 1945. The Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible and sedans of 1961-1969 featured suicide doors.

Also, the Ford Thunderbird of 1967-1971 featured the suicide door. Brands such as Rolls-Royce, Mazda, and Saturn feature or have featured suicide doors.

How Much To Replace A Door On A Car

5. Sliding Doors

To open a sliding door, you will suspend the door from a track to open horizontally. You will find this kind of door on vans, minivans, and buses to provide wide space for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Sliding doors provide plenty of space to make it easy for you to move and unpack large loads into the car.

The 1954 Kaiser Darrin used the sliding doors, and you will hardly find this kind of door today outside of a van or commercial vehicle.

6. Pocket Doors

A pocket door is one of the popular sliding doors; it opens and closes like any regular sliding door. The difference is that it changes to a section in the close-by wall when it opens. Most delivery vans and railway carriages feature this kind of door, but you will rarely see it in regular cars and SUVs. The Renault Estafette and the Morris J4 are popular vans that have featured pocket doors.

7. Swan Doors

Swan doors have a very unique and astonishing opening and closing. Although it is pretty similar to regular car doors, it offers more space for passengers to exit or enter the vehicle than other types of conventional doors. The style makes it unique, and they are one of the most practical car doors you can get. They open horizontally, saving parking space irrespective of whether the ceiling is high or low.

The Rapide, GTA Spano, the Aston Martin DB9, and the Jaguar C-X75 are examples of cars that feature this kind of door.

8. Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are scarce, so people call them different names. People call it the bubble canopy, articulated canopy, or canopy. Once you open a canopy door, it goes above the vehicle body in the shape of a canopy; this makes people in the parking space look in awe. Once it opens, it maintains the canopy shape till it’s closed. This kind of door is familiar with luxury cars only.

9. Dihedral Doors

The dihedral door is similar to the scissor doors; it differs in how it opens outward for passengers to exit the vehicles. Although the dihedral doors are new in the automobile industry, few popular car brands have featured them. For instance, the Agera R, the Agera RS, the Koenigsegg Agera, and so on all feature this kind of door.

10. Front-Hinged Car Doors

This kind of car door doesn’t come in pairs; you only find them at the car’s entrance; this means you can only go in and out of the vehicle through one door. This kind of door reduces accidents that happen by exiting through side doors. The BMW Isetta 600 from 1955 to 1962 was the only famous brand that used this door.

The list above contains car door types that give luxury and style to most cars.

Deep Scratch Repair Cost

Deep scratch is the last thing you want to see on your car, but no matter how careful you are, it’s mostly unavoidable. There are different kinds of scratches, making the repair cost vary. If you reversed into an object or another car scrapped your car in the garage, the scratch would be deeper, and the repair is costly. Auto body shops will charge you around $800 to $1500 for a deep scratch repair.

Fixing Dent In Car Door

Whether small or large, dents can ruin your car’s physical appearance, and if your car has one, you should fix it as soon as possible. You can fix a dent in your car by hiring a professional, or you can do it yourself. Hiring an expert can save you time and energy, but it won’t save you money.

Before hiring, check the reviews and then compare prices by getting in touch with about three vendors. Small dents will cost about $60 to $110, while larger dents will cost up to $200 to $350. If you decide to do it yourself, you can use hair dryers, aluminum foil, and dry ice. You can also make use of boiling water to remove the dent.

Car Door Dent Remover

The easiest method of removing a dent from your car door is to use a sink or cup plunger; this method can work for small to medium-sized dents. Though this method is for professionals, you can also use the paintless dent removal method. You can also use the heat and cool method because dents react to rapid changes in temperature.

Heat the denied area, then cool it later with compressed air; this will cause it to contract and force the dent out. If the dent does not pop out while you use these methods, you can repair it with a filler; this is a long process, and you will have to sand the dented area down to the metal.

Apply the body filter to the dent, and apply sand to it again, cover it with spot putty and sand it again. Finally, spray the area with primer and paint it with the right color.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious to learn more about how much to replace a door on a car, our FAQs here might help…

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Window

You will spend up to $215 to replace your car window. Several factors determine the cost of replacing the window of a car; such factors include which window of the car you want to replace, the kind of car you drive, and where you replaced the window. A professional auto glass service will charge higher, but it’s worth the price.

How To Fix Dent In Car Door

You can fix a dent on your car door by using a plunger, splash some water on the dent and the plunger, push, and then the dent will pop out. You can also use boiling water to fix a dent on your car door, especially if the bumper is plastic. Boil some water, pour it on the dent, and then watch it pop out. Using dry ice is another method of removing dents from a car door, especially if the dent is small. Put on a protective glove to avoid injury, hold down a piece of dry ice on the dent and rub it all over until the dent pops out. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, hot glue, wooden dowels, and screws.

How Much To Repair Scratch On Car

Repairing a surface scratch on your car can cost you about $150, while a deep paint scratch can have you spending up to $2500. Averagely, you will spend up to $3500 for a complete car scratch repair. The type of scratch also determines the cost; the price will differ whether it’s a scuffs scratch, primer scratch, or deep or deep paint scratch. Scuff scratch can cost around $150 to $300, while primer scratch costs around $500 to $1000.  Deep paint scratch is the most expensive, costing about $2500.

How To Remove Dents From Car Door Panel

To remove dents from a car door panel, make the door panel wet and slippery, pop the dent out with a plunger, and then detach the panel from the car. Now, peel the plastic sheet from the metal door frame and push the dent out by putting your hand on the back of the dent and pushing it out gently. Apply more pressure if the dent does not come out or use a rubber hammer.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Door

Several factors affect how much it costs to replace a car door, including door shell purchase, which can cost between $200 and $1500, labor cost, and interior door parts. To replace a car door, prepare to spend between $500 to $2500.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Window

You can expect to spend up to $500 to fix your car window, windshield, side window, or rear car window. If you use classic and exotic cars, you should expect to spend more than those using regular cars. Because of the complex process, small and triangular windows are also expensive to repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Buff Out A Scratch

To buff out a scratch on your car, you should expect to spend about $150 for surface scratch, $2500 for deep paint scratch, and $3500 for a complete car scratch buffing. Note that several factors determine the cost, including the type of scratch, your type of car, and the auto shop that helps you fix it.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Door Frame

The cost of replacing your car door frame depends on several factors but on average; it should be around $500 to $2500. You will have to purchase the door shell and interior parts and pay the auto expert you hire. The make, model, and year of your car will also affect the price.

How To Fix A Car Door That Won’t Open

To fix a car door that won’t open, you will need some tools, and you will have to be patient. First, figure out the issue, and then you can know what to do. Try and lubricate the lock in case it’s sticking, check the latch for possible damages or malfunction, use another copy of your key or install a new lock. If all these methods do not work, get in with a locksmith to help you out.

How Much To Fix Paint Chip On Car

If the paint chip is minor, expect to pay between $150 and $250. However, several factors determine how much you will spend, and the biggest factor is how severe the damage is. Also, you will pay more if you use special paint, the smaller the chip, the cheaper the price. Moderate chip fixing will cost about $150 to $400, while severe chip fixing will cost about $450 and more.


The cost of replacing or repairing your car door, window, and frame depends on several factors you will find above. Check the factors and determine what to do, whether to repair or replace the damaged or dented area. That should help you to narrow down the cost of how much to replace a door on a car.

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