How To Build Bunk Bed Ladder For Rv In The Easiest Ways

My family is planning to have a wonderful trip to enjoy this summer occasion. We couldn’t miss the best companion of us is a modern mountain RV used as a camp; and our RV is full of furniture especially a bunk bed for children. However, the ladder of the bed was broken as a result of a small accident last year. Hence, we need to find a way of building a bunk bed ladder for RV to enjoy our trip in the best way.

I have learned many valuable experiences from other families in solving this problem. And I have recognized that the most popular material that often use to build a ladder is wood. Besides that, the rope becomes a new component to makeover your bunk bed. In this article, I will share for you two ways of creating a ladder:

Using Wood Material To Build The Ladder

You can refer these 7 steps to create a formal ladder for the bunk bed. The most important thing that parents should note is safe for children. So the materials should be selected carefully and assembled durably. A lot of components used in this formula including:

Step 1: Confirm The Slope Of The Ladder

You ought to measure the height of the bunk bed from the base of it to the floor, and the result will be the height of the ladder.

After establishing the height, you cut 2 pieces of 2×4 inch lumber based on that length. These pieces will be the ladder sides.

Keep one side of the lumber in place according to the upper rail of the bunk bed, create a sliding slope that you want to design (perfect angle of bunk bed ladder of RV is 15-degree). Mark on the backside of the lumber.

Step 2: Designs The Bottom Of Ladder Sides

Set two sides of the ladder to 15 degrees, draw a straight line from the position that you made on in step 1 across the face.

Use the circular saw to cut along that angled line with 2 sides.

After cutting, you should sand both sides of the ladder until smooth.

Step 3: Design The Tops Ladder Sides

Put two sides up against the rail of bunk bed and on the floor.

Mark the lumbers about 3 inches above the rail and draw the straight line.

Cut the tops off with the saw carefully.

Step 4: Design The Rungs

Determine the length and cut from 1×4 inch lumber to equal pieces.

The number of rungs will base on the height of the ladder. Some notices that you should know about the space of the rungs are:

  • You shouldn’t place the rungs apart on the center more than 12 inches.
  • The beginning rung isn’t higher than 8 inches from the ground.
  • The most popular space of center rungs is 10 inches.

Starting 8 inches from the floor, make a tick on both sides.

Repeat this process until the last rung. The last one couldn’t be put upper the bunk or over the rail.

Then, you cut and check the rungs entirely are the same length, sand them on both sides until smooth.

Step 5: Drill The Pilot Holes

From the marks you have drawn for the rungs, you use the power drill to make pilot holes.

Each side of the ladder will have the right amount of holes depending on a number of the rungs.

Step 6: Set Wood Screws

Set two 3 ½ inches wood screws in each hole from the outside in.

Preset them that the tips hardly show on the inside.

Step 7: Apply Primer And Paint

Apply the prime into the ladder. Then, wait until the primer dries.

After that, you can coat the ladder with the color paint of your selection.

Step 8: Attach Metal Hooks

From the backside of the ladder for bunk bed, drill pilot holes where the ladder sides meet the bunk rail.

Attach the hooks into that holes and set the hardware screws.

When finishing an assemble the bunk bed ladder for RV in this way, you can achieve a wonderful result with modern style and durable structure. Otherwise, if you enjoy a dynamic style, you can follow a new idea as below:

Using Rope Material To Build The Ladder

Luckily, the rope ladder can be found in many stores or online shops. So you can save your time in creating the rope product from rudimentary supplies.

Step 1: Order the rope ladder from the store you want. You don’t need to measure the height of your bunk bed exactly. Because the rope ladder allows you to change the height of it effortlessly.

Step 2: When you have a product, you can start to build-up it.

Keep it from the upper rail of the bunk bed where you want to mount, confirm how close to the floor you want it.

Step 3: After determining the length of the ladder. Untie the bottom of the rope ladder and remove excess wood dowels.

Step 4: If the wood dowels are too far with you, you can unbolt and adjust them closer together.

When you are satisfied with the spacing, you ought to tie secure knots at the bottom of the last dowel to keep it in place.

Step 5:  Mark the position you want to mount the ladder. Screw the hooks into the rail of the bunk bed securely.

Step 6: Mount the rope ladder onto the hooks that you have installed.

Those are steps to build a rope ladder for your bunk bed. You just need to experience a lot of steps and achieve a wonderful result.

In my opinion, I love creating the wood ladder because it is durable and used for a long time. Nonetheless, I still try a rope ladder to create freshness for my children and they always love it.

All parents can follow these ways to create a modern bunk bed ladder for your children. It can save your time and effort.

Did you find these ways helpful for you?

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