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How To Choose The Best Semi Truck Accessories

Often, people tend to avoid trucks on the road, especially on highways and interstates where the high speeds of such heavyweight vehicles can be hazardous. Combined with overworked drivers on long routes hard pressed to meet delivery deadlines, fears about heavy-duty vehicles such as semi trucks are not completely unfounded. Also known as articulated lorries or tractor-trailer trucks, these semi trucks are made up of a front tractor unit that tows either a single or multiple semitrailer units for carrying and transporting freight. This makes semi trucks extremely important to the smooth running of the supply chains that work to put all kinds of products on market shelves. Thus, it is important these semi trucks are made as comfortable as possible for the drivers who have to spend long hours driving them. You can achieve it by customizing the semi trucks with valuable accessories. Today, I will discuss how to choose the best semi truck accessories based on both, aesthetic and comfort.

1) Truck Seats

Back pain is a common health issue frequently associated with long periods of driving. This can serve as a problem for both, drivers and employers. Since you spend countless hours on the road, it is important that the truck seats are comfortable. These seats should provide adequate support to the spine and the thighs while also enabling the driver to maintain good posture. Hence, you should ensure that their truck seats are ergonomic. In addition, I suggest leather truck seats over cloth seats because they do not only impart a classy look but are also easy to clean. Leather seats do not stain easily, which is a big advantage when you have to take your meals on the go – any spills can be cleaned up with just a wipe.

2) Poly Truck Fenders

Known by multiple other names such as mud flaps, mudguards and wings, poly truck fenders work to block road spray material like rocks, sand and mud from sticking to the smooth outer surface of the tire or embedding into the tread grooves of the tire. When the semi truck moves at a high speed, these rocks and mud eject from the tires and serve as a nuisance to other vehicles on the road. They can also injure pedestrians. In order to avoid these mishaps, you should use poly truck fenders. The best fenders are said to be practically indestructible; they are made out of molded high-density polyethylene plastic, which prevents them from forming dents. These poly truck fenders also do not rust and are lighter in weight compared to fenders made out of metal.

3) LED Headlights

It is not uncommon for semi truck drivers to drive through the night in order to make sure a delivery occurs on time. Therefore, it is crucial for semi truck headlights to be bright and working efficiently. Usually, semi trucks are equipped with standard halogen headlights; however, LED headlights are brighter and have a larger range- perfect for lighting up the road ahead during dark nights!

4) Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Semi trucks come fitted with standard steel fuel tanks. However, these are heavier and do not help increase fuel efficiency. By switching these steel fuel tanks with aluminum ones, you can decrease the overall weight of the tractor-trailer truck as well as the fuel consumption.

5) A Well-Equipped Sleeper Cap

For semi truck drivers who have to travel in their trucks for days, comfortable sleeper cabins are a necessity. It is an important requirement for you to have an adequate sleep. You need a sleeper cab equipped with the necessary items such as beds, blinds and white noise machines that can help decrease light and outside sounds in order to provide good rest even during the day.

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