How To Deal With Road and Wind Noise

Driving on the road should be convenient, fun, and comfortable. When in the car, the standard of comfort shouldn’t only be limited to the softness of the seats, the legroom, and the overall ambiance. However, the noise coming inside should also be considered. 

Road and wind noise are prevalent. If your car isn’t soundproofed inside, your whole ride is going to be uncomfortable. The ideal expectation is to feel  as if you’re inside a quiet cabin while in your car.

With that, this article gives you some of the best tips to help you deal with road and wind noise:

1) Install Soundproof Car Mats

If your car mats look as if they’re about to die soon, then it’s time for a change. Now you finally have a good enough reason to purchase new mats. Better yet, soundproof car mats. These car mats serve two purposes:

  • First: is to reduce the noise in the car, and it’s very effective in doing this job. It’s able to reduce not just your road and wind noise, but even the engine noise as well. 

Plus, it’s also straightforward to install. All you have to do is to put the mats both on the front and back row. Then, you’ll see the difference as to how it’s able to cut down the noise and vibrations that your engine and exhaust makes.

  • Second: these car mats help regulate temperature conditions in the car. 

In addition to this dual-purpose, car mats are also an affordable option

2) Sound Proof Your Doors

Apart from installing soundproof mats, your door is also an excellent place for you to start with. The only catch, however, is that you may need the help of an expert for this since it’s not going to be easy to install by yourself. 

A poorly insulated door is one of the easiest entryways for outside noise to get through your car. If you’re sure about doing it yourself, then be extra careful. Remove the plastic panels of your car door, and replace it with the insulated ones. Be sure to follow every step of the procedure to avoid any mistakes.

3) Use Foam And Spray Sound Deadeners

Foam and spray sound deadeners are, as its name suggests, spray cans that can help you reach the most difficult spots to reach in your car. This is ideal for filling up any gaps or holes that are left uncovered by your mats and your door soundproofing insulation. Like the mats, this is also very easy to apply and is also very effective.

With the foam and spray sound deadeners, all you have to do is to spray it on the desired location. You don’t even need additional tools, such as adhesives. 

In conjunction with your spray, foams are also used to absorb the vibration of your car. The echo is absorbed, thereby improving the overall sound quality on the inside of your vehicle. 

The spray and foam are meant to be used together with the mats.

4) Have Your Car Checked

Before you go for any other extreme measure in your car, it might be best to have your vehicle checked. Perhaps there’s a problem that you weren’t able to immediately notice. When the car engine is suddenly noisy (and it hasn’t been that way before), this can be a sign of a problem. 

No matter how you soundproof your car, the noise is still going to be there. Hence, get to the source of the problem first. When this is adequately addressed, check to see if there’s any improvement in the overall condition of your car noise.

5) Change Rubber Seals

The rubber seal refers to that piece of rubber that’s surrounding your car doors and windows. When you have this replaced, it gets to affect the wind noise. As the noise coming from the wind is more controlled from getting through inside your car. 

Especially if you’ve got an older vehicle, it might be high time for you to have it replaced. Remember, even the smallest hole or gap in the rubber seal allows sound to get through your car.


Soundproofing your car isn’t only for the owners of luxury vehicles. Even if you have a somewhat cheaper car, it’s still possible for you to improve the sound quality. 

Reviewing through the tips above, you’ll see that they’re pretty simple. You don’t have to go through a lot of hard work and effort to achieve it. All the extra noise will only make the trip uncomfortable. 

With these tips, you can now enjoy a convenient and stress-free ride.

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