How to Finally Get the Upgrade You Want

You’ve had your old car for 10 years, but it just isn’t what it used to be—and you fancy a change. However, getting a new vehicle and figuring out what to do with your old one is no easy task.

Here you’ll find some tips and tricks for how to find a new car, get rid of that old clunker, and move on up in the world.

1.    Scrap Your Former Vehicle

If your car is so old and worn down that you can’t even fathom being able to sell it, consider scrapping it! Make sure you look around for local removal services that can handle this for you. For example, if you live in Perth, search online for the best local junk car removal in Perth. Doing a local search helps to speed up the process of finding a scrapper, and it might even save—or make—you some money.

Some scrapping services specialise in free car removals. They give you the highest rate for your car instantly. Shop around and find what works for you.

Most places will provide a quote based on the market value for your car. As soon as they come to pick up your vehicle, they pay up. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of your old car, especially if you’re just looking for quick cash.

Getting a new vehicle is something of a rite-of-passage in the adult world. It shows that you’re financially and mentally capable of making bigger decisions. With that ability comes the responsibility to make smart choices when it comes to your new (and old) vehicle.

2.    Set a Budget

It’s important to consider how much the payment will be on your new vehicle. Make sure to consider car cost, insurance, gas, and (if you want) any accessories. Break these down into a monthly cost and see if this price fits within your budget.

You should have more than enough funds left over to cover the cost of your other expenses throughout the month.

3.    Find the Right Car

When choosing the “right” car, it solely depends on your needs for a vehicle.

If you just need something to take you from A to B every day, you probably don’t need the latest sports car model. If you have a long commute or travel a lot, consider getting a vehicle that’s more durable and long-lasting.

Check the reviews and crash ratings on several vehicles you’re thinking about. If you’re buying used, make sure to check the background of the vehicle to see if it’s been in any bad accidents!

4.    Widen Your Search Radius

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one dealership or car brand. Cars are sold everywhere, even online! The wider your net, the more likely you are to find something that fits your needs and your budget.

5.    Check the Price

There are pricing guides online to make sure you’re not being oversold on the vehicle that you want. Car dealerships can be sneaky with extra fees and prices. Usually, they can be talked down a good bit, especially if you show that you’ve done your research on the matter and know what the car is actually worth.

6.    Get Money for Your Former Vehicle

If you already have a vehicle you’re trying to sell or get rid of, you have several options. You can try to sell it on your own via friends and family. If you have younger siblings who need a vehicle, selling within the family is a great way to help them out and also help yourself.

You also can try to trade in your vehicle with the dealership that has your new dream car. However, you probably won’t make as much this way as you might selling on your own.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to upgrade your ride the smart way.

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