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How To Get Paid To Store A Vehicle

In the world of vehicle storage, there are two main options: self-storage and third-party storage. Self-storage is when you store your own vehicle. Third-party storage involves leaving your car with a company that will take care of it for you.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the industry works and how to start making money from it yourself! There are plenty of people looking for long term parking and companies like Parkhound pioneer monthly parking, so if your in the US, UK or Australia, it won’t take long for you to find customers for your new money-making venture.

The History Of The Car Storage Industry

The car storage industry has changed a lot over the years. It started out small and local, with just a few people helping others store their cars in their spare garage space. But now it’s become big business, with some companies providing thousands of locations nationwide.

The industry has grown so much that there are even experts who specialize in storing vehicles—these experts have been called “car collectors” or “car flippers” because they buy many used vehicles at once and then resell them for a profit later on (this is also known as the “secondary market”).

How Does The Car Storage Industry Work?

The car storage industry is a highly regulated and licensed sector of the economy. It’s not run by amateurs, but instead by professionals who know how to handle vehicles in a secure setting. As such, it’s important for you to understand this industry in order to get into it yourself or work with someone who has experience in these matters.

Who Uses Car Storage Services?

People who need to store their vehicle for any of the following reasons:

  • Downsizing or moving to a smaller home.
  • Traveling and need a temporary place to keep their car while they’re away.
  • Wanting to sell their vehicle, but don’t want the hassle of selling it themselves.

How To Get Started Making Money From Storing Vehicles

If you’re interested in getting started with a car storage business, the first thing you need to consider is what type of facility you want to open. There are many types of car storage facilities out there, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

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Here are some things to think about when choosing one:

  • How much space do I need?
    • Car storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that your facility is large enough for your needs. If you only have a few vehicles that need storing, then renting out a small space will be more cost-effective than renting out a larger unit. Conversely, if you plan on storing dozens or hundreds of vehicles at once (like an auto dealer might), then it may make more sense for them to rent out an entire building instead of just one unit.
  • Is there room for expansion?
    • Think ahead before making any decisions about where your car storage facility will be located—where do customers normally park their cars when they come into town? Is there enough room for additional parking spaces near this location? Can I add onto my current building later down the road when demand increases?
  • What type of security measures should be taken at my site so customers feel comfortable leaving their vehicle(s) here overnight or for several days or weeks at a time?
    • This could mean anything from hiring guards outside 24/7 (and paying them hourly salaries); using electronic locks on all entrance doors and gates so only authorized personnel have access during regular business hours; having cameras installed throughout inside/outside perimeter walls, and more. The possibilities here vary greatly depending on how many vehicles we’re talking about and whether or not these vehicles contain valuable cargo inside.

Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Store Vehicles

Find a storage facility. For many people, this is the hardest step in the process. You might not want to admit it, but your garage is full of things that you don’t use often and that can be sold or donated. You probably also have some stuff in there from when you moved into your current house, or inherited it from someone else. If you have any free space at all, you should consider turning your home into an impromptu storage facility for the sake of cash.

Get paid for storing vehicles. Once you secure a customer, arrange for their vehicle to be delivered to your house. They can either drive it themselves, or if it’s not able to be driven, they can hire professional movers. They should choose movers who specialize in transporting large items like cars and trucks without damaging them during transport so they’ll still be in good condition when they reach their destination.

Why Store Cars At Your Home?

Maybe you don’t want to get into the storage business, but simply want to make a side income by renting out your driveway or garage at home for one or two cars at a time.

There are companies out there that will pay you to rent out your driveway—and they’re looking for more people like YOU! All it takes is some basic information about where you live and what kind of vehicles you can provide storage for, and then boom: You’re making money from home by renting out your driveway.

You can set the price based on how secure your space is and where it’s located (city center locations tend to attract higher prices). You could be looking at a few hundred dollars per month by doing almost nothing!

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to start earning extra cash while helping others protect their vehicles!


I hope this article has given you some insight into how car storage works. It’s a great way to make money, especially if you have a large garage or shed that can be used for storing cars. If you need help getting started, follow the tips above and you will be well on the way to running a successful business in no time. Good luck!

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