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How To Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

All cars, no matter how beautiful, will depreciate in both value and performance if they’re neglected by their owners; something which is far more common than you think. With many cars being things of true beauty, there is no place for error when looking after your beloved motor. The sacred Sunday is often a car fanatic’s day of dedication, with many across the country attending to both the interior and exterior of their cars to ensure they are dirt-free and polished for the commencing week. However, it would seem that there are many car owners out there who aren’t aware of the best ways in which to uphold the perfect quality of a brand new car; so, we’ve pulled together our best advice to give you the tools to keep your car looking as though it’s just driven out of the showroom (almost).

Hand Washing

A task that for some will be a complete joy and for others a complete bore. The best wash for you car will always (unfortunately) be a hand wash; great news for car enthusiasts! Hand washing is a great way for any owner to really get to know the car’s surface, whilst inspecting the paint at close range. The most important factor of any hand car wash, is of course to use the best products available to you; from car wash solution; which is so often substituted with washing up liquid, to the cloth you use. The correct car wash solution is essential, as most washing up liquid will strip your vehicle of protective wax coatings, further exposing the paint to scratches and stains (which you definitely don’t want!). Another essential piece of equipment, is of course, a rubber blade squeegee to ensure that all dirt and minerals remaining on the paint are removed before the car naturally dries.

Carpet Clean

Of course, the first element of your car to loose it’s ‘fresh car’ appearance is the carpet, more so if it’s in a less than forgiving colour. However, if you follow these few steps, you will be sure to have seemingly brand new carpets in no time. Drive on down to your local air compressor and proceed to blow out all of the trapped dirt that your hoover is unable to reach. Once this has been thoroughly done, you can move on to hoovering any remaining bits that are left. The final step is to of course give all of your carpets a harsh scrub with a stiff brush which should remove all tough stains and mud residue. Of course, keeping your carpets clean is a constant battle, but if this process is done regularly enough, it should keep from a deeply ingrained buildup of dirt which can often lead to permanent damage.

Polish, Protect, Wax

A job that is normally done by the professional hands of a detailer, smoothing the surface of a car’s paint is no easy job when done correctly. If you’re confident in your abilities as a DIY detailer, then break out your oscillating polishing machine and start polishing away, however, if you’re not so confident, oscillating buffers will do just as good of a job with far less damning consequences. Get that car to its glossiest version!

Next up, it’s on to the wax. When your car first left the showroom, it would have had a protective layer of wax on the paint, however, of course, with time, this wears off to leave the once beautiful brand new paint to fend for itself through the harsh weather that the UK so kindly offers. This is where wax will become your car’s new best friend! Wax, absorbs stains and small scratches before they hit the paintwork, protecting your paintwork as though it’s brand new. Be sure to apply wax as often as possible to ensure that you’re not losing the protective coat and when it comes to the application process itself, it’s always wise to apply two coats to ensure any areas you may have missed with the first coat are covered with the second. We suggest waxing at least once every season to prepare your car for the changes in weather, especially in the winter.

Squeeky Clean Wheels

Our first word of advice to all, is to stay away from the professional’s kit of acid solution wheel cleaner. You need an extremely keen eye to ensure that no damage has been made to your wheels when using such harsh chemicals on your wheels. For all who are going to clean their wheels at home, be sure to clean your tires first, ahead of the rest of your car. Give them a blast with a hose to ensure that all dirt is removed, then finish up with a degreaser to give your wheels that ‘brand new’ look.


The most fragile parts of the car, will often need replacing. It’s of course inevitable that stones and debris will be flying at your car at any given time when driving, so the most vulnerable parts of your car will need some some TLC on a regular basis. Number plates and wing mirrors are particularly susceptible to cracks, dents and missing parts. To ensure you are both in keeping with the law and maintaining your ‘brand new’ car look, make sure that your number plates are replaced at the first sign of damage. Head to Number 1 Plates’ plate builder to create the perfect replacement plates for your car.

It’s guaranteed that with strict adherence to these rules, your car will be looking and feeling brand new for longer!

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