How To Keep Your Convertible In Peak Condition For Longer

Convertible cars are quite popular. They allow owners to enjoy an open-air driving experience while maintaining the ability to provide a roof when needed. These vehicles provide great visibility as you won’t have to deal with the usual blind spots. If you want your convertible to stay in good condition for longer, you should follow these tips.

Be Extra Careful When Driving In Winter

If you have a second car, you should consider using it in winter and leave your convertible in the garage. The cold, snow, and salt can cause damage to your vehicle, so it is better to avoid driving during this season. However, if you have to drive the convertible in winter, you should take certain precautions.

First, you have to keep the top up for the entire season. This is because vinyl or fabric roofs tend to shrink in cold weather, so the top can experience some damage when you put it back up. It is also essential to clean the vehicle regularly in order to get rid of the salt. Another thing you should do is remove any snow and ice that is lodged on the roof of the vehicle.

Avoid Cleaning The Car In Direct Sunlight

Many people like to wash their cars in the sun, but this can easily lead to damage to the vehicle. You should avoid direct sunlight as it will make the cleaning chemicals dry too fast on the surface of the car. If you have to clean the vehicle in direct sunlight, you should consider going panel by panel. Another thing to remember is to clean your convertible as soon as you notice debris or environmental contaminants on the vehicle. If the dirt soaks into the material, you will likely wreck your ragtop.

Change Your Oil Regularly

If you want your car to run properly and stay in good condition, you have to change the oil regularly. You will have to change the oil fairly frequently if you use it in rough conditions. Failing to do this will lead to the deterioration of the oil, meaning it will lose its lubrication properties. Carbon deposits and contaminants will start to build up, and this will affect the performance of the car engine. When you change the oil, be sure to also change the filters.

Adopt Good Driving Habits

Your driving habits can also affect the condition of your convertible. If your car is new, you should drive it at lower speeds until you hit at least 1000 miles. It is also essential to avoid bumps and potholes or go over them very slowly. This way, your suspension, shock absorber, and steering won’t be affected. You also need to get rid of excess weight on the vehicle as this can strain the car parts.


You can make sure your convertible lasts for long by limiting its use in the winter. You should also avoid cleaning it in direct sunlight. Finally, it is essential to change your oil regularly and adopt good driving habits.

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