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How To Know A Car’s History By Checking License Plates?

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is critical to understand its history to make an informed decision and avoid any difficulties. Checking a car’s license plate is one approach to learning about its history.

A license plate is a unique identifying number granted by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to an automobile. It is often placed on the front and back of the vehicle. You can learn about the car’s registration, any infractions or penalties, and even its accident history by looking up the license plate number.

You can also perform license plate checks online with VinPit. This will help acquire a more thorough report on the car’s history, including accidents, service records, outstanding fines, and prior owners.

In this post, we’ll look at how to find out about a car’s history by looking at its license plate. We will also look at the many resources available to assist you in making a better-educated decision when purchasing a used automobile.

What Is License Plate Lookup?

A license plate lookup is obtaining information about a vehicle’s history using its license plate number. This information includes the brand and model of the vehicle, its registration status, prior owners, and any outstanding infractions or penalties.

You can visit the site of VinPit to get a free license plate lookup online. This platform comprehensively reports the vehicle’s history, including details on accidents, service records, and all the previous owners of the second-hand vehicle you intend to buy.

Not all states have equal access to license plate data, and the information accessible may differ from one state to the next. Furthermore, several states may require special permission or authorization to view license plate data.

It’s also worth noting that a license plate lookup is only one component of researching a used car’s history. It should be paired with additional resources, such as a visual examination and a VIN check to get a complete picture of the vehicle’s history.

What Information Can We Get From License Plate Searching?

Depending on the search type and the resources employed, a license plate search might yield a wide range of information on a vehicle. A good license plate search platform like VinPit provides you with the following information:

  • Vehicle registration information: This contains information such as the vehicle’s current registration status, expiration date, and if it is currently insured.
  • Owner information: This contains the contact information and names of the vehicle’s current and prior owners.
  • Accident history: This includes any accidents or collisions in which the vehicle has been involved.
  • Service history: This includes information on any maintenance or repairs performed on the vehicle and the car’s current mileage.
  • Outstanding fines or penalties: This holds information on any outstanding parking tickets, speeding fines, or other violations the vehicle has received.
  • Vehicle specifications: This includes the manufacturer, model, year, and engine size of the vehicle.

Reasons To Run A License Plate Search

You can perform a license plate search for a variety of reasons. Among the most prevalent ones are:

Purchasing a Used Automobile

A license plate search can reveal essential information about the car’s history, including accident history, service records, and prior owners, when purchasing a used car. This can assist clients in making an informed decision and avoiding any issues down the line.

Vehicle Tracking

You can use a license plate lookup to track the location of a specific vehicle, which is handy for businesses that need to track corporate vehicles or parents who want to watch their teenager’s automobile.

Suspicious Activities

If you think a car is involved in illegal conduct, a license plate check can offer information about the vehicle’s owner and history, which can help with an inquiry.

Address Verification

A number plate search can offer information on a vehicle’s registered owner, which you can use to validate an address supplied by a renter, employee, or any other individual.

Personal Safety

In an emergency or a potentially dangerous scenario, a license plate search may be used to swiftly collect information on a car and its owner, which can be critical for personal safety.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies frequently use license plate searches to acquire information about a vehicle and its operator for various investigations or to identify suspects or witnesses.

Is It Legal To Get A License Plate Lookup?

In general, doing a license plate lookup is lawful; however, the availability of information and the procedure of getting it may differ based on the state and the type of information sought.

Each state in the United States has its own rules and regulations concerning license plate lookup and access to vehicle information. Some states may have stricter restrictions that limit the distribution of particular types of information to specified persons or groups, such as police enforcement or authorized government employees. Furthermore, several states may require special permission or authorization to view license plate data.

Most states provide basic car registration information to the general public, such as the current registration status, expiration date, and if the vehicle is currently insured. Access to more specific information, such as accident history, service records, and prior owners, may be restricted or cost money.

It is also permissible to utilize online auto history reports services such as VinPit, which gives a complete report on the car’s history, including information on accidents, service records, and prior owners. It is also free to use.

It is crucial to remember that while conducting a license plate inquiry is typically lawful, using the information gained for illegal or unethical purposes, such as stalking or harassment, is not. It’s also crucial to be informed of your state’s license plate lookup rules and regulations and the conditions of any internet service you use for the search to verify that you’re utilizing the service legally and ethically.


You will learn about a car’s history by checking its license plate. You can utilize the vehicle identification number (VIN) and cross-reference it with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or online auto history report providers like VinPit.

You can also search for evidence of wear and tear on the automobile to determine how it has been maintained and how much it has been driven. A license plate number cannot tell you everything about a vehicle. Still, it will provide essential information about the vehicle’s history and help you make a better-informed decision when acquiring a used vehicle. Click here to learn more about VinPit license plate lookup.

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