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How To Negotiate While Buying A Used Vehicle In The UK?

If you are about to buy a pre-owned car within your budget, then you are at the right place. Yes, we will help you with how to negotiate the price of the vehicle. Every dealer would like to sell their vehicles for high profit, but it’s not affordable for us, right? Here are few things to follow when you decide to buy a used car.

Visit Many Dealers Near your Location

It’s a wise plan to visit many dealerships because you can know what price each dealer offers the vehicle for. Do compare your chosen brand with various dealers nearby your location. By that time, you can decide about the average price of the car across the market.

Know The Specifications

By the end, the make, model, and mileage of the vehicle decides its value in the market. It’s easy to check the specifications of a car for free in the UK. Don’t spend any pence on this.

Note: If the car mileage is higher, the price will be below. So, take a reminder of the odometer mileage of the car you want to purchase. It’s a good way to decide the price of the car.

Analyse The Exterior Parts Of The Car

This is foremost important to deeply analyze the physical and exteriors of the car before buying. Because the vehicle might meet some accidents previously, and the dealer purposely hides this critical information. If the vehicle has some minor scratches and unrepaired parts, it is good to bargain some price.

But the bad thing is that most used car dealers nowadays sell written-off vehicles to their beloved customers. Know whether the car has had any severe accidents previously and declared with any written off status.

Don’t Go For Monthly Payments

While you want to negotiate the price of the used car you want to buy, it is bad to go for car financing. Because long term monthly instalments will lead to more interest rates, and you might end up paying more than 30% than the actual price of the car. Better opt for ready cash or look for some cheapest car financing options. There are more flexible car loans available in the UK market.

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Check The MOT Status

Sometimes, a car may fail the MOT test because of poor maintenance, eventually reducing its value. Look for advisory and failure notices of a vehicle in the MOT report. Because in the future you have to spend some pounds on repairing these advisories. Don’t even consider this as the least priority.

If the car has many advisories, then you can negotiate some pounds with the seller.

Note: Check the wheels and tires of the car. You may have to spend too much money on the tyre if it is not in good condition.

Spend Some Pounds In A Right Place

Spending for a right thing will save you from wasting your money on the wrong product.

Well, while buying a second-hand car, checking its history is unavoidable. Probably, it will uncover everything I have mentioned above like, previous accident status, the market value of the car, outstanding finance on a car and much more.

Most people will go for the all-in-one package of HPI checking service. But the sad thing is you have to pay around £20 for this. Our plan is to save money, right? Then it is not right choice to spend £20. And also, free checks are scams when it comes to complete hidden details of the vehicle.

Most car data providers trying to scam the buyers by saying that they can offer free check that is best alternative for official HPI check.

It is reasonable to spend around £10 to know the vehicle’s high risks. If you are looking for some alternatives for HPI which offer checks for a cheap price? Then there are lot of websites offering this service in the UK.

Do Test Drive

Don’t forget to test drive the car you want to buy, so that you can know the maintenance and condition of the vehicle’s engine.

Wrapping Up

Don’t always trust the sellers’ words, do your own research and try to negotiate the price of the used car. Every dealer wants to sell the vehicle for more price than its worth. Ask for a V5C logbook from the seller. If the seller excuses to reveal the logbook, then it is a red flag. Don’t buy the vehicle without a logbook or a logbook without a DVLA watermark.

It’s okay to walk away from the sale when you feel the dealer is not genuine or when the dealer doesn’t show interest in negotiating.

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