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How to Prepare Your Car for a Race?

Car racing is fun and a thrilling experience. It is an adventurous sport that tests the super sharp skills of the driver, but the firmness of the vehicle as well. Here, the soundness of the car is an important as the mindfulness of the sportsman.

Driving a personal car in routine is a completely different experience. You neither need to be an expert driving skill nor spend more on safety and suspension of your car. But, driving a car hard in racing puts exceptional pressure on your car that demands superior maintenance and care of the car. This requires several modifications, alterations, upgrades, and continuous inspection of your racing car.  

Following are some of the tips that can help you prepare your car for racing and carry multiple inspection checks yourself.

Make Sure Good Condition of Tyres

Examine the wheels and tires first because these come directly into contact with the track surface. The tires must be in good condition. Old and repaired tires are not going to work when it comes to racing. Replace them best rubber products from top-tier manufacturers of rubber products.

For racing, most of the pros suggest Pirelli or Dunlop Tires Dubai, but you need to check with the make and model of your racing vehicle before ordering a set of tires.

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Remove hubcaps or any additional accessory you have installed for the beautification of the wheels. These may overweight the wheels or result in a hazardous situation for you or the fellow sportsmen.  

Have Perfect Steering and Suspension

Carry a suspension check by holding a front wheel tire and moving it from side to side. The movement should not produce any clunking sound. If you hear any sound, get it fixed by an expert. Examining the steering wheel is also significant in preparing your car for racing. Get yourself seated in the car and try to move the steering. If the wheels move exactly as you move the steering, it is all okay. But, if the wheel requires more spin, it is called an excess play that should be removed.

The steering-suspension also depends on the car types. In some of the cars, the wheels may be set to react slower to steer, while others may possess too sensitive suspension. Take your comfort into consideration before fixing it in any mode.

Never Skip Checking The Brakes

On a racing track, heat is the only enemy of the driver that is making the tire lose its strong road grip. If you have installed stone guards against the brake disks, then try to remove them as these may block the flow of fresh air to cool down the brakes and make them perform better. You can also remove the fog lights to ensure free air flow. But, preventing the brakes from heat is not enough. Install brake pads and fluids that are purposely manufactured for racing cars and events. Don’t compromise your safety by having an ordinary brake fluid.  

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Remove Unwanted Weight

Pursue a minimalist design of your sports car. No need to put on decorative accessories that may overweight the car body. To ensure the highest speed and better track performance, remove the unwanted weight that is contributing positively towards your success.  

This simply means removing the car accessory you will never need in a race. Most of the people take it wrong and goes on with the removal of the door mirrors. At first, this is quite a nominal decrease in the overall weight. Secondly, removing the mirror may impact a driver’s visibility. So, before removing an accessory ask yourself, either you will need it on the track or not. You can easily remove the back seat, carpet, speakers, and a spare wheel.


Car racing is associated with a great passion. A passion to lead the fellows far behind on the track with a super-sonic speed. The passion is not always about winning the race but enjoying the struggle of covering each lap in the shortest possible time. And, all this is only possible with strength, speed, and performance of the car.

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Going to the track unprepared is like appearing in an exam without reading a chapter. Preparing a car for racing requires an understanding of the entire sports so that you can prepare accordingly. The core rules of preparation include durability and freshness of the tires, a perfection of the steering and wheel suspension, a strong braking system, and lightweightness of the car.

Additional safety measures may include shopping for the seatbelt, natural fiber for clothing, closed toe shoes, a helmet, face shield, and goggles, etc.

Author Bio: Syed Waqqas Mohsin is a Car Enthusiast and a Digital Marketing Expert. He writes SEO articles for online businesses amongst other marketing related things from the last five years. Currently, he is associated with PitStopArabia – a leading tire supplier company in UAE dealing in branded tires such as Michelin tyres, Toyo, Yokohama, Maxxis and Dunlop. You can find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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