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How To Prevent And Repair Windscreen Cracks And Chips

Whether it’s a summer road trip or a regular commute, a clear windscreen is essential for safe driving. However, windscreen cracks and chips are common issues that every driver has to deal with at some point. Ignoring these problems can lead to larger cracks and more serious issues that can compromise your safety and cost you a lot more to repair.

This blog post aims to equip you with a comprehensive guide on how to prevent and repair windscreen cracks and chips.

1. Regular Inspection

The first step in avoiding major windscreen problems is a routine inspection. Take some time each week to give your windscreen a thorough look. Look for any small chips, cracks, or areas where the glass may look distorted. The sooner you catch these issues, the easier they are to repair. If you spot a chip or small crack, it’s advisable to get it fixed immediately.

A convenient option for this is to consult a windshield repair barrie service or a similar local professional. Doing this before the crack expands can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

2. Maintain A Safe Distance

One of the most common ways your windscreen can get damaged is by flying debris from the vehicle in front of you. To reduce the risk, always maintain a safe distance between your car and the one ahead. This allows you time to react and avoid any rocks or debris that might be hurled towards your windscreen.

3. Use Quality Wipers

Using low-quality wipers can scratch the surface of your windscreen, making it more susceptible to cracks and chips. Always ensure that your wipers are in good condition and replace them regularly. Not only does this improve visibility during rain, but it also lessens the risk of a compromised windscreen.

4. Mind The Temperature

Extreme temperatures can cause the glass to expand and contract, exacerbating existing chips and cracks. In the winter, try not to use hot water to defrost your windscreen as the sudden temperature change can cause the glass to crack. Similarly, during summer, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight for extended periods.

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5. Drive On Paved Roads When Possible

Unpaved roads are often laden with rocks and debris that can easily lead to windscreen damage. Whenever possible, choose to drive on well-maintained, paved roads. If you have to go off-road or drive on gravel paths, reduce your speed to minimize the risk of flying debris damaging your windscreen.

6. High-Quality Windscreen Glass

When replacing or installing a new windscreen, opt for high-quality glass. Although it may be tempting to go for cheaper alternatives, quality glass is more resistant to cracks and chips. Investing in high-grade windscreen glass can save you from frequent repairs and replacements.

7. DIY Repair Kits

For minor chips and cracks, you can also consider using a DIY repair kit. These kits often include a resin that fills in the chip or crack, and a tool to smooth the surface. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the repair is effective.

However, this is only advisable for minor damage. For larger cracks and more complex issues, consult a professional.

8. Seek Professional Help

When in doubt, always seek professional help. If a crack has begun to spread or is located in the driver’s line of sight, it’s crucial to consult a professional immediately. They have the skills and tools to repair or replace your windscreen safely and efficiently.


A well-maintained windscreen is not just an aesthetic preference; it’s a safety requirement. Cracks and chips can compromise the structural integrity of the windscreen and pose significant risks. Preventative measures such as regular inspections, safe driving habits, and quality materials can go a long way in maintaining your windscreen’s longevity.

When problems do arise, quick action and professional help can prevent a small issue from turning into a big, costly problem. Keep your vision clear and your journeys safe by giving your windscreen the attention it deserves.

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