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How To Properly Dispose Of A Dead Car

You should never drive a car that is not roadworthy. Not only could you receive a fine, but it is also a safety risk to you and other drivers.

Having an old and run-down car on the road is not practical. Breakdowns are more likely to occur and maintenance cost will continue to get higher as more and more parts need replacement.

The best solution is to dispose of your old junk car and get a new or second hand one, that is in better condition.

So, how do you get rid of a dead car safely and effectively?

There are many different ways to do this but one thing to keep in mind is you should never let it sit to rust away or send it to landfill.

Sell The Dead Car To A Collector

This option is really only good for vehicles that are rare and collectible. But if that is the case the car will have some value that a collector will be more than happy to pay.

Of course you could restore the car yourself and sell it for more money, but that will require investing your own time and money into the dead car. Instead you can sell it as is and the collector will do the restoration themselves.

Sell The Dead Car To A Scrapyard

If the car is not rare and no collectors are interested, you will find it very difficult to sell it privately. No one is willing to buy a car that has broken down when they can buy the same model in a working condition.

In this case, you can request a quote from an auto junker in your area. Even with broken, written off and damaged vehicles, you can easily make money out of it when you sell it to a car wrecking scrapyard.

Despite it being dead, it will still be worth something to them.

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Why would they buy a car that seems to be worthless? Some parts of the car could be useful, while others can be refurbished. They are then sold to repair other cars.

This is the standard process many car scrap yards follow:

  • They drain all the fluids such as oil, gasoline, and antifreeze. All these can be used in the company for everyday work.
  • They also extract reusable parts such as transmissions, tires, interior components, and body parts. The parts are then cleaned and tested to make sure they can be reused and sold.
  • The remaining ‘shell’ is then scrapped which means they are put in a shredder. Metal is recovered once this is done and is used to create other products.

Just shop around for the best cash offer in your area. A good scrapyard will offer decent money as they make sure that the remains of the car are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Donate The Dead Car To Charity

Did you know that you can donate that dead car to charity? This is because there is still something valuable in it, as mentioned above.

You could either sell the car to a cash for car company yourself and then donate the money to the charity, or donate the car to charity so they can do the same thing.

This monetary value will be directed to helping the people the charity supports. Whether it is worth 500 dollars or three thousand, this will be very helpful to the organization.


Depending on what vehicle you have that has just died will determine your options of how to dispose of it properly.

If it is a collectible, even in a non-working state, it can be worth much more than you realise.

For all common vehicles it is probably only worth the scrap metal that is holding it together, any maybe the resale value of some spare parts.

For non-rare vehicles, donating the dead car to charity, or selling it to a car recycling company is the best way to dispose of it. This will not only help the environment but also gain the most reward for your dead car.

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