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How To Repair Faulty Shock Absorber Of A Car

There might be an issue with shock absorber of your car at any point in your life. Will you replace the faulty shock absorber at that moment? Is it worth replacing? Well, in most cases, they aren’t. Sometimes faulty shock absorber can be fixed without any help from others. Most of the time, we want to change our shock absorber without knowing they can be repaired easily. So, let’s dig into the process of identifying and repairing any faulty shock absorber.

Some Common Signs Of A Faulty Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber issues might be severe or less severe. The repair/replacement depends on the gravity of the situation. Here are some common problems that can be fixed.

  • Feel the Bump: If you are feeling almost all bumps on the road, which generally doesn’t happen (if you are riding on the same street), then you can tell that your shock absorber is in a bad situation. Consider repairing the absorber if it has run less than 35 000 miles.
  • Fluid Leaks: If you see oils or fluids in the shock absorber body, the chances are high that your shock absorber has a leak or cracked somewhere. This leak can be easily repaired with the right knowledge and repairing the product.
  • Uneven Wearing of Tire Treads: One of the most common issues of a shock absorber. Worn pistons can cause loose shocks, which produces excessive bouncing on the chassis. If you drive the car with a broken shock absorber, then the chances are huge that it will cause tire wearing in patches.
  • Braking Efficiency Reduced: If your car is taking a long time to brake, this might cause a faulty shock absorber. Your tire needs to settle down to the road surface to make a brake. But if your shock absorber is broken, your tire will not be able to attach to the surface. This will reduce the braking efficiency of your car.
  • Nosedive or Rear Squat: You may also feel the car body is nose-diving or rear squatting while braking. This is a common issue of a bad shock absorber.
  • Losing Control: If you feel you are losing control of your car while taking a turn, you might have a faulty shock absorber and need to be fixed promptly.

How To Repair Faulty Shock Absorber Of A Car

Sometimes, you don’t need to change the whole shock absorber if there is an issue. The issue might be less severe and can be fixed easily. This is an exciting topic for DIY enthusiasts. You need to get proper knowledge before starting the repairing process.

Sourcing new shock absorbers for your car isn’t difficult, the best option is to use OEM or upgraded shocks. Alternatively, you can often find most spare parts by looking at cars for scrap. These are cars that are meant for the scrap yard but may breathe a second lease of life into your current car.


First of all, you need to disassemble every part required to remove the shock absorber. You should have all the disassembling kit with you before beginning the process. Use car jacks to lift the car. Then unmount every part that requires to disassemble the shock absorber. After that, use your disassembling kit to remove the shock absorber from your vehicle.

Cleaning The Shock Absorber

Your shock absorber is an open part of your car. That is why it is always filled with dust and clogs. Sometimes, just cleaning the shock absorber might fix the problem for you. Use a brush to clean those dust. Reach every corner of the shock absorber to clean it properly.

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Find Out The Fault In Your Shock Absorber

Now, this is the time to find out where the fault is. Look for any crack or hole in your shock absorber. It might also leak liquids if it has a puncture. Make sure the absorber is cleaned correctly before this task.

Fixing A Faulty Shock Absorber

If you found any parts that don’t look well, you need to fix it. Sometimes it is worth changing that specific part. You don’t have to change the whole shock absorber in that case. If there is a problem with a specific part, you can easily replace it. Parts are available in the market. If there is a leak in your shock absorber, you can always use leak fix aftermarket products to fix the leak temporarily—no need to change any parts which don’t show any signs of wear.


When you are done with cleaning and fixing, now you need to reassemble every part you have disconnected. Perform the task in the same way. Make sure each and every part is tightened well. Use the jack to lower the car.


Now, when you are done with the fixing part, you need to check your car’s performance. Try to differentiate between the now and then performance to understand it well. If everything seems fine, you are good too.

What To Do If The Faults Aren’t Fixed Yet?

If you cannot fix this on your own, you should call a mechanic to look after and fix it. Also, if the case is severe and not repairable, then you need to change the shock absorber. If you desire so, make sure you buy one of the best shock absorbers available in the market. Cheap shock absorbers may fit in your car but will not be a value for money. Most of us don’t want to invest some extra bucks on aftermarket products. This might affect you severely than you think because most of the parts are interconnected with each other. If you are putting cheap quality products inside your car, it might even damage the good parts along with itself. Also, you should regularly check and maintain your vehicle for shock absorber faults. This might help you to prevent severe damage in the shock absorber.


The shock absorber is a blessing for making our ride smoother. But like other mechanical parts, this can also wear out after several days of use. You should keep your eye on the maintenance of your car so that you can figure out what’s wrong with these parts. Also, take regular care offered by the manufacturer. Don’t hesitate to take those. If the problem is less severe, DYI enthusiasts like us can quickly fix those problems or replace it with the best new one. I hope you’ve got the idea of fixing the shock absorber of your car. Make sure a happy riding for you and your family with these ideas.


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