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How To Replace A Car Battery?

Your car’s battery is one of the most vital parts of your car. As long as it is active, charged, and functioning properly, your car will have a good run. But the moment it stops, your car will start to break down. A dead or discharged battery can dim the car’s headlights and dashboard lights, slow down the cabin fan, and cause troubles with ignition, among several other things.

Just like it is good for you to get a medical check-up every few years to ensure that you are healthy and hearty, it is also important to keep an eye on your battery’s performance and get it checked by a mechanic every now and then.

Moreover, you should know how to replace a battery and what to do if your car’s battery breaks down unexpectedly. All of this has been discussed below.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of A Battery

Here are some factors that affect the battery’s life:

  • Temperature: Extremely cold or hot climates can impact the battery’s life. Extreme heat evaporates the battery’s liquid and ultimately leads to damage. On the other hand, extreme cold can slow down the chemical reactions in the battery.
  • Driver habits: Cold starts or using the car for only short trips can damage the battery. Turning the engine on and off too frequently in heavy traffic can also cause damage. Moreover, entertainment units and air conditioners also put more strain on the battery.
  • Dirt: Grease build-ups, moisture, or corrosion due to poor maintenance can drain the battery.
  • Using a smaller battery: A small battery has a lower resistance capacity and, therefore, a smaller life.
  • Leaving the lights on: Leaving the lights on when you are parked drains out your car’s battery.

Steps To Check The Car Battery For Damage

Here are some simple methods to check if your car’s battery has been damaged:

  • Inspect the battery: Make sure to inspect your battery regularly after the first three years of purchase. Corrosion usually starts from the cell connectors, so take a good look at this area. If you smell sulfuric acid, the chances are that your battery is breaking down. You should also check if any cables are broken or if there are any stains or marks on your battery.
  • Do a load test: A load test helps you test your battery’s capacity. All you need for a load test is a voltmeter that can easily be bought at a hardware store. Once you have the voltmeter, set it to 20 DC volts and attach it to the black and red terminals of your battery. You can now push the start button of your car, but make sure not to turn on your car. If the voltmeter’s reading stays steady at 9.6 volts, you have nothing to worry about. However, if the reading drops, your battery could be dying.

You can also check the reading after turning on your car. The voltmeter should show a reading of 12.6 volts with the engine turned on. A reading lower than 12.2 volts and higher than 12.9 volts can be problematic.

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How To Replace Your Car Battery

Here are some steps to follow when replacing your car’s battery:

  • Turn off your car: Make sure to turn off your car and apply the parking brake before you start replacing your car’s battery.
  • Locate the battery: Look for the battery in your car’s hood. The battery may be hidden in some cars, so you may have to dig a little deeper. Once you find the battery, check the terminals. Make a note that the red terminal is the positive one and the black terminal is the negative one.You can take a picture of the battery to ensure that you reinstall it in exactly the same manner.
    If you are not able to find the battery, it may be advised to consult a professional mechanic.
  • Use a memory keeper: A memory keeper will ensure that your settings and radio codes are not erased.
  • Disconnect the terminals: You can use a wrench of 8 or 10 mm to disconnect the terminals. Always start with the negative terminal and then proceed to disconnect the positive terminal. Disconnecting the positive terminal can lead to a short circuit. Always take care while jumping a car.
  • Remove the battery: Unscrew the holder and remove the battery. The battery might be heavy, depending on its size. So, be careful in this step.
  • Keep the new battery ready: Ensure that you clean the new battery for your car before installing it. You also need to charge the new battery with a car battery charger completely to avoid overload.
  • Install the new battery: Put the new battery on the battery tray and screw it in properly to reduce vibrations. Clean the cables and check for any corrosion. If you have any trouble at this step, take a look at the picture you took earlier and attach the battery accordingly.
  • Reconnect the terminals: Now connect the terminals of the new auto battery. This time, move in the opposite order and first connect the positive terminal followed by the negative terminal.

What To Do If Your Car Battery Dies While Driving

If your car’s battery dies unexpectedly while driving, you can try any of these things:

  • Turn on the emergency flashers: This will help other people know that you are in trouble and need assistance. This will also help other drivers spot your car on the road and reduce any chance of an accident.
  • Try to turn on your car: Take out the key from the ignition and let your car cool down for a couple of minutes. Now, restart your car. If it starts, you can drive to your nearest garage or repair shop and have your car checked.
  • Ask for help: Call a towing service or see if someone is driving by and can help you with your car or offer you a lift to the nearest repair shop. You can also look for “car battery near me” to locate a repair shop swiftly.
  • Call roadside assistance: If your car does not start, you can use the CAASCO Auto Roadside Assistance Insurance that tests, boosts, and takes care of car battery replacement or CAA battery boost at no additional cost. You need not worry about the car battery price as it is already covered.

When you get your car battery from CAA, you can:

  • Get a free CAA battery replacement in the first three years if you have CAA Premium Batteries.
  • Request a CAA battery quote on the CAA app or leave a CAA battery review.
  • Avail of the CAA car battery service where your battery can be recycled or replaced from your home, your workplace or the roadside.
  • Call a CAA battery service representative if your battery is dead and you need help.


Regular maintenance and inspections, along with good driving habits, can extend the life of your car’s battery and boost its performance. But remember that even the best car battery has a life, and it is best to replace it in time to avoid any unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the road.

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