How To Save Money On Your Car Repairs

Pretty much everyone has been the victim of a sudden costly car repair, and when it does happen to you, it leaves you trying to find the money in a rush. In this day and age, cars are a part of everyday life, and if you’ve got daily errands to run such as the school run, shopping, and work commitments, it’s understandable that you can’t put your repairs off until you’ve got enough money. So what’s the solution here? We’ve compiled a list of incredibly easy ways to save money on your car repairs so that hopefully, you’re never landed with a really high repair bill again. Check them out:

Don’t leave it too long before getting your car checked out

One fatal mistake that many people make when it comes to their car, is leaving it too long before taking it to the garage to see what that funny noise means. While it might not feel like anything is wrong with your car, as soon as you notice anything different like a strange noise, faster consumption of fuel, overheating, or even a funny smell, it’s time to take your car to the garage to be looked at. The sooner that your car is checked out, the less chance you have of having to find a large bulk of cash to repair it. Like with the human body, the earlier a problem is diagnosed, the faster and easier it is to repair.

You should also consider taking your car to be serviced in between your M.O.T dates so that you can be sure that no large charges are lurking around the corner. Of course, not every break down is predictable, but if you’re clever and have your car regularly serviced, you’re less likely to find yourself in that predicament.

Source parts yourself instead of leaving it to your garage

You may not be aware of this, but finding your own parts for your car can sometimes work out cheaper than letting your garage source them for you, especially if it’s a specialised part for your car and not a generic one that your garage can buy cheap. More often than not, you will be able to find either brand new or second-hand parts online for your car, which in the long run could save you a pretty penny or two.

One part to especially keep an eye on is your tyres. If they’re sourced from the wrong place, you could end up paying a tremendous amount more than if you sourced them yourself. It might seem confusing as you don’t know what kind of tyres to get for your car, but there is an easy way of finding out. The numbers on your tyres represent the size and type of tyre that you need. So, rather than having your garage source the tyres for you, have your tyre sizes explained and get them yourself!

Give your car a regular service yourself

Think of your car like you would when you’re looking after a child. It needs regular attention to thrive and stay healthy, and so does your car. Save yourself some money by giving your car a regular service without the need to go to your mechanic. Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Check your handbook for your car for the tyre PSI and make sure that your tyres are pumped up enough. You can do this at most fuel stations and it costs next to nothing to do so! Having your tyres at the correct PSI will save you on fuel and also prevent them from becoming bald – therefore preventing the need to replace them so often.
  • Keep an eye on your oil levels. When you lift your bonnet, you will see a dipstick where your oil tank is. Check to see that the levels are within range of the notches on the dipstick. If you need more, simply top it up a little! Doing this will prevent your car from overheating and help it run better.
  • Check your water levels too for the same reason as above! Your water levels also contribute to clearing your windscreen when it becomes harder to see through. Simply keep the tank topped up!
  • Check the fuses and replace them if needed to prevent any electrical faults within your car that could turn into a huge bill!

Don’t ignore advisories!

Another massive mistake that people make with their cars is ignoring advisories that come along with their M.O.T tests. Your car may well have passed its test, but make sure that you haven’t got any lurking advisories that could turn into much larger problems a little way down the road. Advisories are unlikely to cost you an arm and a leg to repair, so get them done as soon as possible so that the risk is no longer lurking above your head.

Know when enough is enough

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep your car in tip-top condition, there’s simply no saving a car without having to pay more than it’s worth to have it repaired. Make sure that you know how much your car is worth so that you don’t end up spending too much on it in the long run.

People will often sell their cars for spares and repairs when it’s time to buy a new one, but there are many options that you can take when it comes to selling a car that’s not roadworthy

Shop around for the best garage

Finally, much like other aspects of life, it’s important to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal from your garage. While the one you’re visiting might be the most convenient because it’s local, sometimes going a little further away will reap you more benefits. Some garages may even offer you a courtesy car to use while yours is being repaired, and you’ll find that their prices might be more reasonable too.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save yourself a pretty penny or two when it comes to your car repairs, so take this advice on board and start saving your hard earned cash now!

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