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How to Spot a Really Great Deal on a New Motorcycle

I recently had a random conversation with a seasoned motorbike dealer on how to improve the sales experience from the standpoint of the customer, and here’s what I had as the main takeaway: it pays to develop a relationship with a single bike dealer.

It’s not about spotting the most amazing-looking seller at a dealership and walking up to them with a “Hey you, I’ll be buying from you from now on” loyalty pledge. Get to know a dealer before committing to them. Once you do, be sure to buy from them regularly, from bike accessories to parts to servicing – repeat customers always get the easiest and best sales ever. Become one, and when it’s finally time for you to buy a new bike, the dealer will certainly look after you.

But what if you are a first-time buyer with no prior relationship with any salesperson, you may ask. So in the spirit of being proactive, I took the time to do a little digging and came up with these best practices to answer the question for you. Read along to find out how you can spot a really great deal on a new bike purchase.

Do your homework

Information is power when you get into a motorbike dealership. There will be so many bikes that you may be spoilt for choice on site. So it helps to do some market research to find out all you can about the potential motorbikes that you are considering. Then based on that information, identify the brands that appeal best to you and narrow down to a handful of models that you will be happy to buy.

Make the internet your friend in this endeavor. You should be able to find prices and any other information you need about bikes online. Check reviews and automaker information as well as bikers’ forums to learn everything you want to know about the bikes prior to contacting or entering a dealership.

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The classifieds on print as well as the electronic publications should give you precise ideas about the prices of these models.

Pro tip: Even though the advertised price is rarely ever going to be the final price you’ll agree to with the seller, don’t expect a very huge discount margin. The profit margin on new top line bikes is always very minimal, often varying from about 4 to 7 percent of the retail price. So, with this margin in mind, it should be easy to spot a fair dealer based on your price research.

Keep your eye out for cost or add-on incentives

Unlike used motorbikes sold at places such as, new motorbikes typically have incredibly thin price margins. This means that there is usually little room for price negotiation, so it is generally a good idea to negotiate prices on accessories. If you can spot sales programs that offer add-on or price incentives, then it would be best to take advantage of such offers.

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Wrap up: watch out for evasive behavior

Assuming that you’re already enlightened from your internet research and trying to get a rough price estimate from the dealer but they are not forthcoming with the information, you may be dealing with an ill-behaved salesperson. They may often cite something like “I’m not at liberty to disclose that information unless you’re buying now”. This should be a red flag, time to walk away to the next dealer on line.

Otherwise, follow these tips and you can be sure to get a great deal on your new bike purchase.

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