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Hybrid or Electric – What car you should buy in 2019?

In the present era, electric cars are not just mere imaginations but a reality. The pioneers of the concept, i.e., Honda’s Insight and Toyota’s Prius, have a big role in revolutionizing the automobile industry. Today, cars of all shapes and sizes are available to consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, it is now possible to buy vehicles that are not completely electric. These days, you can also purchase hybrids. In their article “7 Reasons why you should also switch to a Hybrid Vehicle”, Ideal Cleaning discuss why you should switch to a hybrid vehicle and how they make a difference which is well-worth the read. However, both hybrid and electric cars have their benefits and disadvantages.”

Are you asking yourself if you should ditch your petrol-driven car and swap it for a hybrid or an electric model? If you are looking to find which of the two is the right choice, keep reading as we discuss these two different types. Besides this, we have also included examples from leading brands.

Let us begin…

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The advantages of going hybrid or electric

Electric vehicles

When compared to traditional vehicles, electric cars have many advantages. They leave a smaller impact on the local environment since the pollution emission via their tailpipes is nil. Unlike petrol or diesel-driven cars, the electric vehicles don’t add to the noise pollution because they operate very quietly. If you have driven one of these, you will already be familiar with the burst of power they can exude even at low speeds. They are also extremely easy to drive.

Another advantage that electric vehicles have over the conventional ones is they can be fuelled at home. With an ordinary three-pronged plug, these cars can be plugged into most of the sockets. This characteristic indicates that electric vehicles take the concept of mobility to a whole new level.

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The owner might want to use the setup on the car’s drive to install other kinds of plugs. This can speed up charging. Such plugs for faster chargers are easily available in car parks and at petrol stations.
Moreover, according to the research published in Applied Energy, electric cars are not only cheaper to own, but also to run. This is because petrol and diesel have higher costs than electricity. Regarding maintenance, electric vehicles are equipped with simpler engines. They can decrease the annual expense of running by up to 10% as compared to the cars operating on petrol or diesel. As more and more people begin to use them, the cost of batteries used to power electric vehicles is expected to drop even lower. Consumers might start seeing a wider variety of options on batteries with time.


2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV
2018 Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3
2018 BMW i3
2018 Nissan Leaf

Hybrid cars

Proponents of petrol and gas driven cars like to claim that hybrid cars aren’t built for speed. It is true. Nevertheless, to a driver, they would feel as smooth as any conventional vehicle, which is why you’ll never notice the difference in acceleration!
Moreover, hybrids have engines that are super-quiet. In fact, when you stop at a red light, your car’s engine will turn itself off. Rev it up by pressing on the accelerator. Thus, the hybrid cars minimize emission of toxins and waste of gas. This also makes them environment-friendly. Hybrid cars consume 30-60% less fuel than traditional ones according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lower carbon dioxide emissions result in cleaner air and less pollution, as well as, reduced fuel consumption and cost.

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Besides this, hybrids don’t just have an engine that runs on petrol. They also have a rechargeable battery. Thus, the driver of a hybrid car can switch between electricity and petrol. This transition is quite smooth, making them one of the most advanced technologies on the roads today. The battery doesn’t require plugging in like the ones in an all-electric car. It recharges itself by using the gasoline-powered motor of the car as its generator. Once depleted, the car switches to the gasoline mode and the battery continues to charge in the background. The hybrid is truly a cross between petrol-driven and electric cars.


Mild hybrids
2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS450 / AMG CLS53
2018 Buick LaCrosse eAssist
2019 Ram 1500
Series hybrids
2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
2019 Honda Insight
2018 Toyota Prius

Plug-in hybrids
2018 Chevrolet Volt
2018 Volvo XC60 T8
2018 BMW 530e
2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


Not all hybrids are built equally

Savvy Car Buyers know that if a car is marketed as a hybrid, it doesn’t mean it is okay to go ahead and purchase it. Consider the Honda Insight. It might have been a step in the right direction, but it is a mild hybrid and not a full one! This means unlike the Prius, it won’t be giving you good fuel economy. Moreover, its air conditioning system only functions when the gas engine is on. This might fly in places where the weather remains pleasant all the time, but it’s not acceptable for warmer areas.
Only a true hybrid would get better fuel economy as compared to a conventional car. The plug-in hybrid cars cost a pretty penny. This is because when you purchase one, you are paying for not one but two engines. So, you can get stuck with a car that is quite expensive, but it doesn’t give you the mileage you expect.

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Electric cars have their own disadvantages too

One of the biggest disadvantages of electric cars is that they need charging before they can function. Additionally, it takes a fairly long time to charge them completely – sometimes even the whole night. The average electric car is good to drive for 80 to 100 miles before it needs recharging.
One thing is for sure: hybrids and electric cars both are eco-friendly cars. If this sounds motivating, then either will work for you. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider other options at all. We’d suggest that you buy a car that fulfils your needs and is good for the environment!

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