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Hyundai Showcases Upcoming Hydrogen-Powered SUV

Ahead of next year’s official launch of their hydrogen-powered SUV, Hyundai Motor’s has offered the public a view of the next generation fuel cell vehicle. The model itself is yet to be named, but shows a new, futuristic design and impressive capabilities. At the special preview event in Seoul, the SUV was shown. It is Hyundai Motor’s second commercially produced hydrogen model and the fourth generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Through the development of the company, everything is an improvement of past models as they look towards the future of motoring.

Moving Forward

The new SUV’s efficiency is greatly improved. First of all, it is targeted that a single charge will allow the new model a driving range of 800km. Furthermore, the maximum power has been enhanced by 20% with a remarkable 163PS of power. In addition, the fuel cell SUV is even able to overcome the challenges of starting fuel vehicles in below freezing temperatures. The vehicle’s cold start capability is increased by the structure of the car itself. It is optimized to be allowed to be started at -30°C, by including key components in the fuel stack developed by Hyundai Motors. With strong catalyst technology, the durability of the hydrogen-powered SUV is ensured for all customers.

These improvements have been made with the main focus of developing Eco-friendly driving. In the true spirit of the company and their ability to look forward, the design of the hydrogen-powered SUV ties into the greener presence on the road. This is clearly what Hyundai Motor is striving for. Impressive capabilities and futuristic design embodies a commitment to a new era for advanced, Eco-friendly vehicle development whilst promising customers the best driving experience possible. Hyundai Motors has proved that Eco-friendly doesn’t equate to dull and that the power of a vehicle can be gentle to the planet.

Green Driving

Inspiration from nature has driven the organic and flowing form design of the vehicle. Water is the only output of the new model yet there is still a clear, confident and capable SUV stance. The vehicle can travel long distances and explore remote places. It is a demonstration of when nature and technology intertwine. What is created by humans doesn’t have to work against what is created by nature: the two can work harmoniously. Hyundai Motors is making that happen. Nevertheless, the vehicle design remains sophisticated, mature and cutting edge using minimalism. The low drag emphasizes what is clean and calm whilst coupled with an ultramodern interior.

The new model will lead plans of low emission vehicles, along with a new goal of 31 new Eco models by 2020. Hyundai Motors will strengthen its global leadership in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Increasing research to boost FCEV performance and durability will achieve such a goal. Most importantly, the company is making the technology smaller and cheaper so that it can be applied to smaller cars. As a result, hydrogen fuel-cell technology will hopefully be available to a wider public. As part of these efforts, Hyundai Motors will unveil a new hydrogen-powered bus in the fourth quarter of this year. This generation may see a cleaner environment through Eco-friendly vehicles.

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