Hyundai i20 Range Gets A Thrilling ‘N’ Addition

Hyundai started out as a manufacturer of affordable and utilitarian cars but have of late ventured into the performance sector. These models come under the Hyundai N range and offer high-performance cars that are still practical and within reach of most people. The i20 N is the latest addition to this line-up and it just upped the hot-hatchback game by a considerable margin.

Proven Racing Thrills In A Manageable Package

Hyundai has proven credibility in the high-performance world thanks to their i20 WRC rally car and it has directly inspired the i20 N. It looks the part thanks to some really exciting and sharp design elements guided by Hyundai’s Sensuous Sportiness design approach. This is nicely complemented by exclusive engine performance modes and additional features that render the i20 N racetrack-ready. The Hyundai i20 N is going to be one exciting option for those looking for a high-performance hot hatchback if the exhaust note that Hyundai has teased the motoring world with is any indication.

Stunning Visual Appeal

The Hyundai i20 N will stand apart as a result of its Performance Blue livery only seen on the N-model cars. The Phantom Black roof and red accents add further character to this car to make it look menacing even when it is still. The bespoke 18-inch wheels with a grey matte finish and N-branded brake callipers announce rather loudly that this is a track machine. This hot hatchback definitely opens up new possibilities for track days like never before.

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