Kona Electric Clears Up Misconceptions About EVs

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars have been around since the early 19th century and yet, it hasn’t enjoyed the same level of popularity as its internal combustion counterpart.

Kona Electric Sets The Record Straight

A lot of this has to do with many misconceptions about EV technology and Kona Electric is on a mission to bust all the myths associated with electric cars thus paving the way for them to finally get the recognition and popularity they deserve.

Some Of The Most Common Myths In The Ev Industry

The basic gist of Kona Electric’s mission is that EV’s have come a long way and is as follows:

  • They have a good range
  • They are affordable
  • They are practical with charging stations becoming more commonplace
  • They can be charged safely even when it is raining
  • They come with a wide variety of features and at different price points to suit different needs
  • They are actually fun to drive
  • They are quite futuristic and beautiful to look at

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