i-Round LCD Gauge Review

There is something about the ageless design of the round analogue dial that makes it appealing even today. The reason they became less desirable as compared to their digital counterparts is because of how much more information these digital options can show at the same time. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Also, if you have recently modified your car and want all the data related to the various components of the engine in an easy to access manner that is cool to look at too, then the i-Round LCD gauge might have just answered the call.

Air Fuel Ratio - LCD Gauge

The Design – LCD Gauge 

The design is a classic throwback to analogue dials on racing cars of old. The design is, however, not handicapped in function like its predecessors from the past. For one, it uses a high-quality LCD display that can switch between different dials and designs.

The mechanical looks of the outer shell is a great touch and will class up any dashboard this is put in. It also comes in six attractive metal colours and you can choose between something grounded to something flashy and ostentatious.

The colours available are black, silver, grey, dark blue, pink, and gold. Another cool design feature of the i-Round LCD meter is its ability to be mounted upside down and the dial itself can be manoeuvred into a position that makes viewing it the most convenient.

Water temp - LCD Gauge - Green Face


The biggest concern with aftermarket accessories is their build quality. Even if things look great, they can often be flimsy to touch and handle. Great build quality is especially necessary for something that is intended to be used in a tuned-up car as anything of sub-par quality will simply come apart after a few laps on a racetrack.

The i-Round LCD gauge is of excellent build quality. It uses an all-aluminium construction to ensure that the i-Round gauge is not only sturdy but quite lightweight too.

Sticky mount LCD Gauge

All The Available Functions And Do You Need It?

The i-Round LCD gauge can display thirteen different driving parameters – RPM, water temperature, turbo, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, battery voltage, G value, TPS, speed and intake pressure. Apart from these, you can also get access to more exotic parameters like Turbo pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, G-value sensor and more with the use of the optional sensor.

You might be wondering how a small gauge can display all these parameters? The i-Round LCD gauge comes with a remote control that allows you to switch between the various parameters with ease.

It also comes with a double-gauge mode that makes viewing two parameters at the same time possible. I tried toggling between the various parameters while driving and it wasn’t difficult at all.

LCD Gauge Installation Kit

The i-Round LCD gauge also comes with an alarm in the form of a buzzer and flashing indicating light. You can set the maximum and minimum values for each parameter and if it goes outside this range, you will immediately come to know so you can take preventive measures and avoid permanent damage to your car.

What If You Want To View Multiple Parameters At The Same Time

Sometimes a remote control isn’t enough and you would want some way of being able to view more than one parameter at the same time. The i-Round LCD gauge has a solution for that as well.

The double gauge mode is the first option but if that does not cut it for you then you can actually attach more than one of these devices to your dashboard and set each one of them to display a different parameter.

You can also control each one of them individually using the same remote control which is a really cool and necessary future. This does require a little bit of extra wiring, looping them in series and it is recommended not to use more than five of these devices at the same time.

LCD Gauge Volts and RPM

Connecting To The Vehicle From The LCD Gauge 

All these features and attention to detail would mean nothing if you had to go through a world of trouble to attach it to your car and to get it to work the way it was intended to.

I was expecting a lot of complicated steps to get the i-Round LCD gauge configured properly but it turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. It comes with a wire that has an OBD connector on one end and a USB Type-C on the other. Attaching the device itself to the dashboard is very straightforward. It comes with pre-applied double-sided tape and all you have to do is find a convenient spot and stick it.

I found the adhesive to be strong and dependable. If you stick it upside down, the display will automatically orient itself. This is as simple as setting up something like this can get.

LCD Gauge Rear

Cost and Value For Money

The i-Round LCD Gauge costs a little over £220 and for the number of features, great design, excellent build quality and ease of use and operation, it is well worth the price. Plus there is no better product that competes with the i-Round gauge at the moment. Things can get a bit pricey if you want to have multiple i-Round LCD gauges installed, but I doubt you would be disappointed.

Testing The LCD Gauge In A Golf GTI

To truly test the capabilities of this device, we needed a car up to the task and the tuned and spruced Golf GTI was the perfect option for it. It is the typical type of car for which people would buy something like the i-Round LCD Gauge. It definitely livens up the inside of the car and more to the point, made the dashboard a lot more functional than it previously was. Every parameter was shown with accuracy and without any latency and it definitely bought me closer to feeling like a racing driver and the car closer to feeling and looking, at least from the inside, like a race car. If you want to know more about the product, check out their lcd meter video review.

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