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The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Auto Industry

We are living in the world of advanced technology and many great things are happening, self-driving cars are one of them. The driverless cars will be launched in the next five years which will definitely make changes in the world of auto industry. Also, it will make our driving experience safer and our lives easier effortlessly. According to the report, the autonomous cars will be more secure for the passengers and work more predictably. They will allow human beings to do other things while traveling such as a much-needed sleep, work etc. So, if you are tired and can’t keep your eyes open, you can sleep without being worried about driving and road safety. It’s exciting that how much things will change in a few years from now!

The consumers will have many options like luxury cars as well as the used cars for sale and they can get which suit their requirements and satisfy their budget. There are many well-known companies which are currently working on self-driving cars, let’s have a look and get to know when they are hitting streets worldwide.


The company will launch driverless cars by the year 2021. Tesla and BMW are already offering semi-autonomous cars but the self-driving car which will be launched by the Ford will not have pedals and steering wheels. Just imagine how it will look like!


The company is already providing semi-autonomous cars but by the end of 2018, they will launch their driverless fleets, says CEO Elon Musk. The autonomous cars of Tesla will make your ride luxurious and easier with its newest technology features.


After becoming the number one in the mobile industry, Apple is launching its driverless cars in the year 2021. The project is known as “Titan” which will launch luxury and comfortable car fleets. Apple lovers must be waiting for the launch desperately!


Well, driverless cars are already hitting the roads…kind of. Google has been experimenting with autonomous cars since 2010 which are on streets of California for testing. There are always two people in the car while testing it. It has been said that the company will launch autonomous cars in 2020.


Nissan will release its self-driving cars by the year 2020. The company is planning to be the leading platform for autonomous cars, that’s why they are partners with Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Stanford to be powerful tech vehicle company in the world.


In March 2016, the German automaker said he will launch driverless cars before any other company. However, the launch date is 2025, so many self-driving cars will already be launched by that time.

But What Will be the Affects?

There are always two sides of everything. On one hand, the self-driving cars will be beneficial for the auto industry and people. But, it will cause some negative impacts as well.


  • A driverless car will be controlled by a computer system so there will be fewer chances of car accidents and injuries. Also, it will decrease death rate as a lot of people die every year in car accidents.
  • Computer systems will be able to calculate a distance from another vehicle, stopping distance, and other details which will shape a disciplined and safe automotive track.
  • However, it can’t be said how many lives will be saved by using a driverless car but there will be a massive decline in human danger.
  • According to the S. Department of Transportation, each human life values $9.2 million. When there is lack of accidents and deaths in car accidents, there will be noticeable savings in healthcare costs and insurance costs.
  • The Forbes says it will be a cost saving for time as well. As it will be a driverless car, drivers can do things like chatting with passengers, reading a book, or using a laptop without being worried about road safety.
  • Another great thing about self-driving cars is they will improve conditions as well as reduce commute times in high-traffic.
  • People who are disabled and have to rely on others for transportation and assistance, driverless cars will be very beneficial for them.
  • There are chances that higher speed limits will be allowed as long as there will be more self-driving cars on the road. As computers will be able to calculate distance and other vehicle operations, there will be no danger by faster speeds.


  • Even it will be self-driving cars, there will still be a need for drivers. In order to operate these vehicles, an education will be a requirement for the driver’s part. Drivers will still have to keep a check for safety purpose.
  • These vehicles will be out of reach of most Americans because of its cost. According to a recent calculation, the computer requirements, engineering, power, and sensors are over $100,000. So, it is a question whether auto industry will face benefits or decline.
  • Even though it will make things easier for people but some individuals will lose their jobs in the transportation sector, particularly taxi drivers and freight transportation. This could increase the rate of unemployment and affect the economy.
  • People who are good with car mechanism use good quality tools to get rid of car problems for the most part and save their time, energy, and money. However, it will be different with driverless cars as they will be based on a completely different mechanism.

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