Improved H2O Car Valeting at Westfield London

H2O Car Valeting has been making a name for itself of late for being one of the most reliable premium car wash and detailing services around. After all, owners of premium cars expect the very best and that is what H2O Car Valeting is all about. Londoners can rejoice now as the H2O Car Valeting branch in the car park of the Westfield London Shopping Centre has reopened after being refurbished and revamped and sure looks like the go-to destination for premium car owners.

H2O Car Valeting – Back in Black

The revamped premises of H2O Car Valeting at the Westfield London shopping centre has gone for a look that predominantly incorporates the colour black and it looks cool. The changes do not stop at the aesthetics though. Everything about the place screams premium quality and any nerves one might have of leaving a really expensive car in the care of H2O Car Valeting is immediately calmed by the quality this place exudes.

Friendly customer service is still at the heart of the way things are done here and the wide range of services offered lets customers choose varying degrees of pampering they want for their car. The staff are very knowledgable and personable and offer helpful advice without imposing themselves.

The location is the cherry on top of all the goodness. Being situated in the car park of a luxury shopping centre means that customers can drop their cars off and instead of waiting they can do their weekly shopping or partake in one of the many dine-in options. If you choose you can book online, in advance of visiting.

A Plethora Of Premium Services

The first thing that strikes the eye when driving into H2O Car Valeting at the Westfield London shopping centre is how expansive it is. There are many bays for cars and each bay is spacious and well-equipped.

Then there are the services. Depending on what the customer needs and how much time they have on their hands, their cars can experience a wide range of car wash and detailing services. The quickest service offered is a quick wash of the exterior and a cleaning of the interior and even that is quite impressive.

Towards the other end of the spectrum are services like deep clean of the upholstery, leather care, and intensive cleaning. Their most premium service is aptly named ‘five star’ and is the ultimate level of pampering any car can be subjected to. The main aim of this service is to restore the car to a near showroom condition and includes services such as an intensive cleaning of both the exterior and interior, machine polishing to aid the removal of minor scratches and swirl marks.

Highly Trained Professionals With A History Of Great Service

H2O Car Valeting has always prided themselves over the degree of professionalism they have shown and it is no different when it comes to their branch at the Westfield London shopping centre. Over the last six months, they have cleaned over 4000 cars while in June alone they have cleaned 733 cars so far,  all with glowing reviews.

They have extensive experience on some of the most premium car brands like Lamborghinis, Porches and Rolls-Royce’s and can provide the ultimate washing and detailing experience for premium car owners without any hassle or the slightest of worries.

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