IONITY Makes Charging Electric Vehicles Hassle-Free

Electric vehicles (EVs) are in the news for all the right reasons – they are not only efficient and fun, but they help reduce emissions and save money as well. IONITY encourages this development by working to expand its widespread network of high power charging structured specifically for EVs.

How does the charging technology work? – IONITY

The vehicles are charged at up to 350 kW, so you can stop, relax and enjoy a quick drink, and then start driving again within a few minutes. An IONITY charging point promises excellent charging speed, and is much faster compared to the current competition.

The technology is extremely advanced yet simple to understand – the charger tweaks its charging speed to the maximum depending upon the car’s built-in battery management system. It won’t go beyond the limits of what the system can handle and will be charged at the full speed to the manufacturer requirements. The car should be equipped with a CCS standard socket.

What does the future look like for EV charging?

Since EVs are about saving power, IONITY has decided to empower its new charging stations by sourcing 100% renewable energy that can charge EVs in less than 20 minutes and reduce the environmental impact of a journey at the same time.  The latest station to use renewable energy for high power charging is the Milton Keynes Coachway, while Gretna Green is likely to be the next site.

IONITY want to bring 40 sites to the UK, with each station having up to 4 chargers to swiftly power up EVs, so you are ready to resume your journey in a jiffy! However, by the end of 2020, the number of stations will go up to 400 across Europe and contain around 2400 chargers. As mentioned, you just need to ensure the car is compatible with the CCS standard, and you are all set for smooth Pan-European travel in your EV. The charging times are super-fast, and stations will be located at convenient motorway locations, so long-distance journeys like moving to a different city or going on road trips become all the more seamless.

Electric vehicles provide amazing performance, efficiency and comfort, which is why car owners are rapidly switching to these cars and IONITY strives to make the transition easier and hassle-free for both existing and potential EV owners.

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