iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank Review

Seeing how hours of our daily lives are spent glued onto a phone, keeping a power source within easy reach is a necessity. When you’re out and about, that is usually reliant on a power bank of some sort. Although, there is one common issue with power banks… They’re big, bulky, heavy, and cumbersome to carry around. What you need then, is an iWALK magnetic wireless power bank for your iPhone.

It condenses the mass of a typical power bank into a slim, sleek, and pocketable device. iWALK built it specifically for the newer iPhones that feature MagSafe. Specifically, this narrows it down to the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series. So, be wary of this compatibility check before you go out and get one. Also, you can’t charge your iPhone through an incompatible case – i.e. the iWALK needs to sit flush against the device.

Once you’re in the clear, iWALK’s magnetic wireless power bank is a joy to pair your phone onto. This is partly thanks to the clever way that Apple designed the revived MagSafe interface. The magnets stick firmly when you need and want them to. But, when you’re ready to remove the iWALK, it’s also easy to peel it away from your iPhone. But what does it feel like to use while the two are attached?

Falls Comfily Into The Hand

The biggest pro for getting something like the iWALK here over a traditional power bank is its ease of use. It keeps your phone very usable due to its slim and ergonomic form factor. Thus, it doesn’t make your phone feel too heavy or troublesome to use. Or, feeling as though there’s this giant brick in your way. There’s even a convenient finger ring to afford you more grip while you’re using the phone.

Furthermore, you won’t likely be discomforted by any temperature changes while it’s charging, as the iWALK here has a built-in temperature control chip. As such, it’ll feel just as cosy in your hand. But, it’ll charge your phone quickly too, right? Indeed, it can. The iWALK magnetic wireless power bank charges wirelessly at a speedy 7.5W. Meanwhile, topping up the device itself shouldn’t take long, either.

With a USB-C cable, it’ll fill itself back up at a rate of 18W. Granted, with that rather beefy 6,000mAh battery capacity, the iWALK will handily keep your iPhone topped up for an entire day of heavy use. It would also keep you well-informed of how much charge it has left with its handy little LCD display. A big iPhone nowadays features 4,300mAh batteries, so 6,000mAh should be more than adequate.

Seamless Day-To-Day Charging

In all, the iWALK magnetic wireless power bank is a great device to keep your iPhone topped up while you’re on the go. For its £27.99 price, it’s also a fantastic addition to your everyday carry and day-to-day essentials. To match it up and blend even more seamlessly against the backdrop of your iPhone, the iWALK comes in a variety of different colours. It’s safe to say that you get a lot for the money.

Of course, the one sacrifice you make will be slower charging compared to plugging in a cable to the phone’s lighting port. But then again, the iWALK magnetic wireless power bank is the sort of thing an end-user like yourself can keep magnetised and stuck onto the back of your phone all the time. Who knows, this form factor and design might someday replace wired power banks altogether.

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