Jaguar TCS Racing Brings Its Motorsports Tech Onto The Road

If you’ve ever wondered if all that fancy racing tech ever makes it out onto public roads where the average joes and janes can ever use, Jaguar is here to prove that it really does. And no less with inspiration from Jaguar TCS Racing, its race-winning team in Formula E. As you may likely imagine, electric cars or even hybrids can learn quite a lot from the peak of electrified racing.

On the track, drivers need to especially be wary about stuff like maximising brake regen. This is not something that conventional, ICE motorsports are usually concerned with. With quite a lot of practice, Formula E drivers are able to waste as little energy or momentum using the brakes as possible. Combined with careful application of throttle, they learn how to best conserve energy.

From The Track Onto The Open Road

Yet, such techniques would also make a huge difference when applied to road-going EVs. Thus, Jaguar TCS Racing has since adopted some of these concepts into Jaguar’s latest range of cars. Mainly, its EVs, plug-in hybrids, and mild hybrids. For example, Jaguars are now fitted with an intelligent, algorithmic Predictive Energy Optimisation system to increase efficiency by 10%.

It primarily works by understanding and calculating how to best optimise the powertrain while you’re driving along. New Jaguars will also come with the Eco Coach tool. This is a programme built into the infotainment system that reads the road ahead. Hence, cleverly telling you when to lift off the throttle at the precise instance to leverage the regenerative braking much more.

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