Jon Olsson’s PPI Razor GTR Audi R8 Up for Sale

We have looked at the Jon Olsson’s Audi R8 before and it is really an impressive car. Over Jon’s time with the car it has had various different styles and looks, as you can see from the pictures.

PPI modified R8 for £83,000

The one off Audi R8 has now gone up for sale for around £83,000. The custom car was 1 of 10 PPI modified R8s ever produced. The exterior design elements include a completely revised front bumper, side skirts, carbon fibre rear diffuser, and a show piece being a ski box that is supported by that huge rear spoiler. This R8 looks as unique as they come.

The modifications aren’t all from a design perspective. The R8 is very powerful because of its v10 engine with 601bhp as default, but the car has a few more tweaks to the engine helping it to create 710bhp. The car is also significantly lighter, by 250kg in fact, this is because of the extensive use of carbon fibre. All this means that the car will get from 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and do a top speed of 208mph.

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