2017 Aston Martin V12 Vantage 21

The Kahn Vengeance – Rebodied Aston Martin

I’m keen for your thoughts on this new car. Kahn have just released the pictures of the Kahn Vengeance and I think it could be a bit of a winner. Kahn Design have been looking at creating their own car for some time and what they have released is the Kahn Vengeance, which is essentially a Aston Martin DB9 that’s been rebodied.

Kahn Vengeance

Kahn’s design approach tips its hat to the old coach building practice where the rich would purchase a luxury car and then find a company to rebuild a custom body over the top. This is exactly what Kahn have done and in my opinion the results look fantastic.

Only for a Lucky Few Customers

There will be a limited production of this car, and they will start building the first few models later this year in the Midlands, UK. A few nice touches include the fact that they will all be hand built, and that the car will have a plaque in the boot with the names of everyone that worked on it, from start to finish.

We don’t know the cost of the car yet, but I should imagine it will be over the £200,000 mark.

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