Koenigsegg One1 Goodwood 33

The Koenigsegg One:1 in stunning detail!

A new world order…

As the dust settles from the 2013 ‘battle of the Hyper-Hybrids’, the world is once again hooked on the latest and greatest offering from the automotive giants. Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren have stunned us with their technological advancements with a conscientious approach to the ‘new world order’ of environmentally friendly beasts. However, despite the recent record breaking activities of a certain tuning company, a small Swedish companies fancies a go at the crown!

Cometh the Megacar…

That small Swedish company is of course the stunning Koenigsegg! Let’s face it, their current offerings of the Agera range aren’t exactly to be sniffed at but the One:1 – their self proclaimed ‘Megacar’ (because 1,360 horsepower equals one megawatt) could potentially leave all else standing in it’s wake, including the monstrous Veyron!

This is no Jalopnik…

More details of the One:1 will be flooding the internet, but for now, there are two things you should know. The first being the name, One:1 – which relates to it’s power-to-weight ratio, 1360 bhp to 1360 kg (that’s including fuel weight etc!) which is a remarkable achievement. The second, is even more stunning, it has a rumored top speed of 280mph! Think about that… Two hundred and eighty miles an hour… Jalopnik had the pleasure of visiting Koenigsegg factory to get up close and personal with this mythical beast and like the good eggs that they are, they took GF Williams wiith them (one of the worlds best automotive photographers) to capture it in all of it’s stunning detail. Enjoy.

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