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Land Rover Show Off Remote Control Range Rover Sport

Land Rover have made some pretty incredible innovations in their time, but check this out, they now have a Range Rover Sport that can be driven remotely using a smartphone. Not only that, but it will also do autonomous multi-point turns.

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Remote Control Gives You Full Control

The idea for the App is designed for low-speed manoeuvres and off-roading. The App gives you full control of the steering, brakes and accelerator at speeds up to 4mph. The advantages of this means that you can set foot outside the car and get a closer look at what you are driving round then use the App to move the car whilst monitoring it from within 10 metres.

Remote Control Range Rover Sport

Remote Control Gives You Full Control

This Range Rover Sport even has the ability to complete 180-degree turns for you. This could come in useful in the most urban environments, turning the car around at dead end roads for example.

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The technology was developed by JLR’s UK research team, this technology is being tested in real-world situations and could appear on production cars in the next few years.

Remote Control Range Rover Sport Demo Video

Take a look at the demonstration video below.

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