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We took the Range Rover Evoque to get serviced at JMB Services, a Land Rover specialist based in north Birmingham. So far, looking after our Range Rover Evoque for the past year has been relatively painless, with the exception of having to replace the prop shaft and the door lock mechanisms.

How Often Is A Service Needed?

On the 2013 Range Rover Evoque 2.2 diesel, the car should be serviced every 16,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Our Range Rover has just covered 41,000 miles in total.

What Work Was Done?

The are two types of services available for this car, an A service or a B servicing. The car was due an A Service. The only parts changed during an A service are the oil, oil filter and cabin pollen filter.

You can find that some garages avoid changing the pollen filters as they can be difficult to access. We were shown why it should be done. Below you can see the old filter against the new one, and it is certainly noticeable how much grime the filter collects in just 12 months.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not there is something highly satisfying about seeing dirty black oil being removed from your car and nice clean fresh oil going back in.

The car also goes through a rigorous inspection from top to bottom, ensuring your Land Rover is in the best shape possible. This includes checking the seat belts, brakes, fluid levels, suspension, tyre depth, oiling the door hinges and inspecting the bodywork. That’s just to name a few of the steps.

Part of the service that was the most interesting for me was looking at the fault log on the car over the last 12 months. This kind of information could give you an early sign of a failure before things go wrong. The logs were inspected and cleared down once everything was deemed OK.

What Was The Service Like?

James Bent, owner of the business, has been a Land Rover specialist for 13 years and carries this experience over to his own business JMB Services. He runs a smaller more cost effective workshop than the bigger dealers. This means that James can offer a more competitive price for his customers. 

At JMB services you are getting genuine parts and expert knowledge from a well-trained, highly experienced mechanic. But the service offered is much more of a personal experience where you can talk directly to the person working on your car, rather than going through a receptionist who might not be able to correctly communicate the work needed and the benefits to the customer.

All Land Rovers Covered

Below are some of the vehicles that can be serviced at JMB Services.

Freelander 1 & 2. Discovery 2, 3 & 4 and Discovery Sport. Further the garage services: Range Rover Sport L320 & L494, Range Rover L322 & L405 and Range Rover Evoque. The Range Rover Sport L320 & L494, Range Rover L322 & L405 and the iconic Defender are all serviceable there, too.

JMB Services

Business Address: Unit 8 Century Industrial Estate, Shady Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 9ER.

Phone Number: 0121 296 7820  & 0784 170 6366


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