Larak Epitome 3

Laraki Epitome Concept – A modest 1,750bhp

This concept is one of the best looking and most powerful around.

If the name sounds recognisable, Laraki operated as a supercar company from 1999 to 2008, and now it’s a start-up company looking to make supercars again, why not!

The car is based on a Corvette C6 chassis and uses mostly carbon-fiber, this set up means the car weights only 1270kg, which is very light even by supercar standards.

Now make sure your sitting down… The Epitome has 7 litre V8 with twin turbos. The engine can run on both normal petrol and high octane (110) petrol, so it is fitted with two petrol tanks. Running normal fuel the 7 litre will push 1,200bhp and with the 110 octane fuel it will do 1,750bhp. I have no idea where you would even buy 110 octane fuel and I should imagine it isn’t cheap either, then again price of the fuel won’t be your biggest issue as the car costs around £1,300,000.

This car looks brilliant we can only hope they make a similar production car.

– Photos Copyright by Laraki Motors and The Only Licensed Photographer: Muscle Car Zone.

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