Leaked Pics of BMW M235i Coupe

BMW isn’t supposed to debut the 2 Series until tomorrow but that hasn’t stopped these photos from leaking onto the web. First picked up by a BMW 2 Series enthusiast site, then exploded all over the internet and know your screen.

The pictured car is the M235i, and will serve as the range-topping 2 Series. As the number “35” is affixed to this car’s tail, there’s no question that the engine powering this example is BMW’s turbocharged, 3.0-liter six-cylinder and I’m sure it will work well in the body of the 2 series. It should be putting out around 320bhp, do 0-60 in 4.8-seconds when equipped with an eight-speed automatic (a six-speed manual is also available, but drops the time down to an even five seconds).

While this isn’t a hardcore M car, it has been touched by the company’s tuning division, which means it sports a racier body kit, cool looking blacked out grilles and M-labeled interior items.

The M235i is the top ranker over four others, lesser 2 Series models, including three diesels – the 218d, 220d and 225d – and one petrol engine, the 220i.


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