Halfords Tyre Safety Game

Learn About Tyre Safety With Halfords’ Short But Fun Online Game

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. Yep, it’s Tyre Safety Month, which most folks seem to ignore. If you – admittedly, a bit like me – have forgotten about it, Halfords has a fun way to remind you of it. Should pamphlets and newspaper articles not be enough, here’s a solution that’ll make even the grumpiest of you remember – a neat little retro 8-bit online game.

Granted, it’s a fairly short game, but if all it has to do is remind you to get your tyres looked after, it certainly worked. At the very most, you’ll spend just 2 minutes in-game – TWO. Halfords‘ goal is to condense 20,000 miles – that’s the average bare minimum lifespan of a car tyre – in those two short minutes. All the while, it has a cute and enjoyable mechanic to teach you about tyre maintenance.

20,000 Miles In Two Short, But Fun Minutes

Halfords tyre safety game mobile roadside support tire replacement change damage

The game’s mechanics is quite simple. First, you’re greeted with absolutely adorable 8-bit retro graphics. Personally, I’m all about that. Starting up the game, and your mission is simple. A mouse click will help your green hatchback (is that a Polo I see there?) change lanes. Alongside the jazzy music, you’ll have to nurse your car along a terribly beaten up road.

There are potholes, as well as shards of glass strewn everywhere. Hit one, and you can see your tyre health meter go down. When your tyres are too badly damaged, call up a Halfords’ roadside support van to give you a handy tyre swap… For a whole £50. Drive around with poorly tyres too long, and the virtual Rozzers will pull you over. Simple, but a great way to test your knowledge of tyres.

The Importance Of Getting Your Tyres Checked

Halfords tyre safety game police game over tire damage low pressure sidewall treadwear depth

It helps you to get to grips with the most basic tyre maintenance. That would be the legal limit for tyre pressure and tread depth. The latter would be 1.6mm for us here in the UK. The game can also teach you about bulging, or sidewall damage when you impact something too hard. These insights should aid drivers across the UK in just how much they understand tyre safety.

To round things off, Karl Baker, Head of Halfords Mobile Expert says:

“Tyre maintenance can be easily overlooked by motorists, and roadworthy tyres are central to a car’s safety and performance. This is especially true during the winter months where driving conditions can be extremely difficult due to heavy rains and icy roads.

As Tyre Safety Month approaches, we want to educate motorists on their tyres, so they can travel safely this winter and the winters to come.”

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