Lego Caterham 2

A Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air

Young or old everyone loves Lego. Have you ever wanted to build a life size, fully functioning, car out of it though?!

The project first began with a tweet from an Australian entrepreneur requesting funds for something “awesome”. That apparently snowballed into a rather-successful crowd-sourced funding campaign. Money in hand, the Australian backed a guy in Romania, who assembled the car from more than 500,000 Lego pieces before shipping it to a secret location in Australia.

The “engine” is actually four radial engines fitted end to end, and features 256 pistons. It runs on compressed air, and the team say it has got the car up to between 12 and 19 mph. But in order to avoid a massive Lego explosion, it wont really go any faster.

What’s the best Lego build you have ever done?

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