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Living with the 2017 Mitsubishi DI-D L200 Warrior

After spending some time with the 2017 Mitsubishi DI-D L200 Warrior here are some of the things I liked about the car.

Driving The 2017 Mitsubishi L200

The L200, because of the running gear and suspension, feels similar to a van, but that’s not to say it is a bad thing. It’s actually a pretty nice place to be inside the car and you can take four passages in complete comfort, as well as the load in the back, nicely covered by the hood. The only difficult thing about the car so far is that it is huge, there is no hiding that. The car will completely fill any parking space you take it to, so you need to take a little more care maneuvering the car at times.

Load Space – All You Could Ever Need

After using the pickup for a week, I still hadn’t fully utilised the load space as much as the commercial customer would. But you only really need to look at the back to know it’s a good bit of practical space. I would recommend going for the additional boot cover we have here, to secure the load space as most of my needs would have been moving smaller objects, and wouldn’t trust that my cargo wouldn’t get stolen. The lid works pretty well and kept the space dry in even the worse rain.

Inside Is Better Than Ever

The L200 has a no-compromise interior now. Inside it is hard to tell if you are in the latest Outlander or the L200 truck. The interior is just a nice place to be. For a commerical vehicle, this is a great place to be, no pickup truck drivers no longer need to live with an old dingy interior. I was very impressed.

Power and Efficiency

I probably did around 300 miles and only used about half a tank of diesel. I have been so impressed with the performance and the fuel efficiency of the car, even through busy stop-start traffic. Somehow the 2.4-litre inline-4 turbo-diesel engine just makes the absolute most of every drop of fuel. I was very impressed.

Living With the Truck

I have certainly enjoyed my seven days with the L200; every aspect about the car makes you feel manlier. We have had the car on long motorway runs and taken the car off road, yet we haven’t managed to make the car feel out of place anywhere. The car was comfortable to drive and incredibly efficient, I would have liked to test moving a heavy load on the back of the pickup, but I’m sure the car would’ve coped amazingly.

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