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Living With the 2016 Honda Civic Type R GT

We tested the new Honda Civic Type R for one week. There was lots to test and lots to enjoy with this car. Take a read to see what Motor Verso thought were some of the noteworthy points from the car.

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Exhaust Sound & Waste Gate

This highly tuned Honda makes quite a unique exhaust sound. With your foot to the floor at the top of the rev range you will hear what sounds like a huge amount of airflow via the exhaust pipes which I can only assume is a high-pressure turbo related quirk. I really love the sound and, to top it off, the car uses an electrically operated waste gate that dumps turbo pressure when it is not needed which sounds amazing when shifting gears. This car is a great treat for the ears and will only encourage you to go faster.

Solid Suspension and Adaptive Dampers

You will have notice after spending just 30 seconds in the Honda Civic Type R that the ride – as you would expect from the ultimate hot hatch – is incredibly hard by default. But the interesting point is that is if you want the car to perform even better you can put the car into +R mode and harden the dampeners by 30%. In +R mode going over bumpy stretches of road you can practically feel your organs wobble about, it is that hard. I don’t think I would have it any other way personally, but it is just worth noting that if you’re going to buy this car it might not be the car to take your Nan out for a spin in.

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Multiple Drive Modes

Having the ability to have 2 different drive modes in the car does help make it more comfortable to live with. As mentioned above there is a normal driving mode and +R mode. +R puts the car in its rawest format. It hardens the dampers, adjusts the throttle mapping and primes the steering for a better feel. When you enable the mode in the car it seems instantly more responsive to the touch and encourages you to really open the taps. I think it is a great move giving the driver the option to change how the car feels to meet their needs as and when required.

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Shocking Styling

I love the styling of the Honda Civic Type R. However, I do think this is one of the most shocking and outrageous looking cars released to date. Let’s not forget it is a Honda Civic and it looks like it has had styling tips from a Jet fighter. Some will love it; others will think it is just ridiculous. As ever beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I commend Honda for taking the bold steps with the car and creating something that makes everything else on the road look bland.

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Handling Feel

As an enthusiastic driver, there isn’t a lot much more rewarding than a car with a great handling feel. We appreciate a car with a lot of mechanical grip and when it runs out, you at least like to have a sense of what is going wrong via the steering feel. The Honda Civic Type R in both normal and +R mode gives great feedback to the driver via the wheel. The weighting of the steering is great and really helps you explore and engage with the car.

Honda Civic Type R 2016 42 2016 Honda Civic Type R

Adrenaline Rush – 2016 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is genuinely one of the most fun cars I have driven on the roads across all categories. The car is scary fast for a front wheel drive car and the capabilities of the car are incredibly high, but you are also able to enjoy the car even at low speeds. Most of the fun comes from 20-60 mph movements in the car and when you are not accelerating you are typically enjoying its super solid road holding. There is no doubt that this car will thrill the socks off both pro and amateur drivers.

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Summary – Honda Civic Type R

We learned so much about the car during our time. The car proved just how capable it is, and is certainly the benchmark for front wheel drive hatch backs.

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