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Living With the Isuzu D-Max Blade

Whether they are used for a family trip, moving house or even for work, pickup trucks have become not only more popular, but also more practical. Whilst it guarantees to get the job done just like any other pickups, Isuzu’s D-Max Blade pickup truck delights its users with a sophisticated look and stylish features. Nevertheless, the pickup truck proves to be quite simple to use. After one week testing out the Isuzu D-Max Blade, here is what I think of this car.


It goes without saying that the Isuzu D-Max Blake pickup truck is a head-turning commercial vehicle. Perhaps many will be trading in their vans for this tough, yet stylish truck. The Blade’s unique stealthy look is mainly given by its exterior; from its tinted windows and black mirrors, to its black roof bars and black roll bar on the rear. The vehicle rides on a set of also black 18 inch alloy wheels, which helps finish off the stealthy, stylish look.


Although the Blade is a commercial vehicle, it features a number of additions to make it stand out starting with the Projector Headlights, Led Running Lights and Keyless Entry. In addition, the Blade comes equipped with a reversing camera and many safety features such as Electronic Stability Control, ABS, Electronic Breakforce Distribution, Hill Start Assist or Hill Descent Control. Of course, these are just a few of the main features and the list can go on. In comparison to the previous generation D-Max, the new D-Max clearly takes things to a whole new level with its features.


The latest generation of the D-Max Blade comes with a diesel 1.9-litre engine capable of creating 164 PS and 360 NM of torque from very low down the rev range. So, this car does have a significant amount of power. Moreover, combined economy figures return around 36 mpg, which is not bad at all for a car that weighs 1,949 kg. On the road, the Blade feels rather quick and gives you a really strong burst of torque, which forces the truck along. Although I have not tested the car with any considerable weight in the back, the D-Max has incredible towing credentials. With a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, the D-Max is one of the most capable towing cars on the market. Therefore, large loads on the rear will be no problem at all for the new Blade.

The Load Space

The load space on the back of our D-Max Blade came with a Mountain Top roller shutter, an excellent accessory which allows you to keep your items secure. Pickup truck owners will know the struggle of not being able to secure their items in the rear or not being able to use the space as cargo because the items could easily be stolen. With the Mountain Top roller shutter, you can load your truck with as much as you want, pull the metal shutter back across and your items are secure. Of course, you can still open the rear and use it normally. The Mountain Top roller shutter will not only secure the cargo area, but it will also help you keep it dry and clean. This accessory will allow you to enjoy using this vehicle without having to worry about your things being safe in the cargo area.

The bottom of the load space can be lined with a Bed Rug, which is currently priced at £440.00. The Bed Rug liner is a hard wearing carpet for the rear load space. For those who want to carry more delicate items and do not want their things to get smashed around, the Bed Rug liner prevents this from happening and it also protects the base of the truck, which, over time, will increase the car’s resale value.

Interior Comfort

The interior of the current generation of the D-Max has been updated to ensure a more refined and comfortable user experience. The new-generation D-Max comes equipped with heated leather seats embroidered with the Blade design in an orange colour. These features give a fantastic, luxurious feeling to the interior and set this car far apart from any other commercial vehicle.

Inside, the Blade is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Therefore, whether you are an Apple or Android user, this truck is well-prepared. This Blade model also benefits from a 9 inch touchscreen display which controls all of the media, telephone and Satellite Navigation functions on the car.  To top it all off, there is an audio system with 8 speakers and USB sockets at both the front and rear of the car.


The Isuzu D-Max‘s four-wheel-drive system, chunky tyres and increased ride height gives you the great feeling of wanting to explore more. The D-Max encourages you to take on a new adventure, explore the world and visit places you would have never thought of. The Isuzu D-Max Blade can certainly take you where no other car could.

Optional Lazer Lamp Kit

The truck we tested came with an additional front mounted accessory, the Lazer Lamp Kit. These lights turn on when the full beam headlights are used. The kit provides a super white light that floods the road or track in front of you, giving you full visibility of the road ahead. The Lazer Lamp kit has a compact and low profile design, which delivers on performance. The kit now retails for £412 and if you are going to be off the main road at night and need additional lighting these lights will certainly make a difference.

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