2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00012

Living With the Peugeot 508 GT SW

We spent one week behind the wheel of the Peugeot 508 SW GT. Here are a couple of things we learned about the car during this time:

The Peugeot 508 SW GT – It Is a Soft Cruiser

One thing that larger Peugeots do very well is drive smoothly on the road and the 508 SW GT is the best example yet. Behind the wheel, the 508 feels lightweight, soft and perfect for motorway munching. Even after miles and miles of driving, the suspension does a fantastic job of ironing out all the bumps, potholes and irregularities on the road. I was very impressed.

I spent lots of time on B-roads, motorways and even in the city. Pretty much everywhere I went, the car was very easy to drive and simply cruised around.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00012

It Has A Powerful 2.0-litre BlueHDi 180 Engine

The BlueHDi 180 engine in our test car was the 2.0-litre turbodiesel inline-4 that makes 180 bhp and 400 Nm of torque. The torque should prove useful as the Peugeot 508 SW GT weighs in at 1,540 kg. The 508 SW accelerates from 0-62 mph in 8.6 seconds with a top speed of 140 mph.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00011

The acceleration is very smooth, and that 400Nm proves to be very useful when looking to overtake.  It is also worth noting that the 19″ alloy wheels look fantastic when in motion.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00007

6-Speed Set and Forget Automatic Gearbox

The gearbox in the Peugeot 508 SW GT is a typical 6-speed automatic transmission powering the front wheels. There is nothing too fancy about how it operates, it just feels like a conventional 6-speed gearbox. The benefits of the box are that you can put the car into drive and just leave it to it, whether you are driving on the motorway or in the city, it just works.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00002

Perfectly Heated Leather Seats

The interior of the 508 SW GT is very spacious and our test model came with beautifully dressed black leather seats with red stitching. Both the front seats are electrically heated.

 2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00004

The Peugeot 508 SW GT uses rolling dial based switches to operate the heated seats. Every time you stop and start the car, you have to turn the seat back on. But you might want to heat the driver’s seat on one setting all the time. The 508 SW GT with its dial feature allows this to happen. Sometimes, it is the car’s smaller touches that make the bigger difference to your comfort and convenience.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00003

Estate Format Gives You Plenty of Boot Space

You can purchase the 508 in both a saloon or as we have here, you can also get the SW (the estate car). Having the estate version means that you get over 500 litres of space with the seats up, which is more than enough for most people. Another noteworthy point is that there is no load lip, meaning that loading things in and out of the car is no problem at all.

2018 Peugeot 508 SW GT BlueHDi 180 HR 00010

If you would like to find out more, read the full Peugeot 508 SW GT review.

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