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How To Drive Safely In London

London is a busy city, and the roads are always busy which makes navigating through the city and getting around intense. If you are a new driver in London it becomes very challenging, as driving etiquette is very different in London from other cities. You don’t need to relearn your driving skills behind the wheel, but before you grab your car key you will need to know the rules that are appropriate to driving while in London. Most of these regulations are found on the transport governmental website.

Simple Guidelines:

Difficult Parking

It is hard to find parking for your car as there are residential parking restrictions, but if you are lucky enough to get one, you will spend half an hour grappling with the pay by text message system which replaced the earlier trusty coin meter, but it can be very expensive. They have timed parking which means that you can only park for a set period and if you run over the time limit the wardens are typically hot on your heels.

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Avoiding The Busy Times

Traffic is legendary so it’s best to avoid the rush hour. This is typically from 7 am to 9 am and in the evening from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. Most people are in a hurry and often forget their car keys and get them locked in the office or the car. In such cases when you get locked out of your car, first thing which comes on your mind is – local locksmith. AZ Locksmith are a reliable technicians who will come to wherever you are, no matter the time and let you get access to your car easily and with no damage to the locks.

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Congestion Charge

If you are driving in central London, the cameras record your entry and exit for the congestion charge zone. If it is on a weekday you need to pay the congestion fee charge which is £10 on that day before midnight and if not you will receive a penalty charge notice for £130 in your home. Payment is made online through Transport for London.

Crossing the River

Depending on your trip, you may need to cross the river. Some bridges have tight entrances limiting the size of the vehicles that can cross, bear this in mind before planning your route if you are in a larger vehicle. Don’t forget, whilst crossing you also get some great sights of the river and city at the same time, great for your passengers.


Driving in London can be lots of fun and also a big pain. Remember the above tips before grabbing your car keys and taking your next trip.

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